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New here...just DX lung cancer

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Hi. I don't know if I even have a question for you guys - I just needed to finally post here, to make it official, I suppose. I've been lurking around here since my first chest xray came back with a mass in my left lung. That was on Nov 19. I had CT scan last week, then a biopsy yesterday, pulmonologist finally confirmed lung cancer today 12/03. I go for a PET scan on the 7th. So, doctor says it seems early and it doesn't look like it spread. If PET shows the same then I'm ok for surgery. I am scared that they'll find that it did spread despite what the doc is telling me now.

I'm 40, smoked 27 years (until last Wed! :-)...why does this seem that it can never happen to you until the day you wake up a cancer patient? So far I'm pretty optimistic (what else is there?). I figure the longer I stay that way the better. Anyway, thanks to all of you that post here to let us new ones know this disease can be beaten!

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Welcome MrsC. Prayers sent to you. I also was dx with lung cancer in March 2004. I have had chemo and rads and then finally surgery 9/2004. But my cancer also spread to my brain. I have had 2 stereo tactic radio surgery (novalice) and I just finished up with whole brain radiation. They have found another lesion in my brain. I was really hoping that they would give me more IQ. Oh well. And I did smoke for 25 years. I am very optimistic about this cancer. I'm going to beat it. I need to get on my Harley next year and I want to see my daughter graduate from college (like 8 more years from now).

It's funny, none of my doctors will say cancer.

Anyways, welcome to the site. I have found much help here (laughs & cries).

Fatboy (gini)

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Welcome MrsC. I am a 43 year old male. Diagnosed at 41 (12/02) with NSCLC 3B. Smoked for 25 years. After chemo and rads they took out my right lung 01/02. Found 2 tumors in there. Then did precautionary chemo just to be sure to kill any "leaked" C cells.

Here I am almost 2 years later, cancer free and living life to it's fullest. I get checked every 3 months and so far so good. I asked the Man Upstairs to let me get me 13 yr old raised and so far He's accomidated me.

I am confident that your's has not spread. You have to have confidence. My wife never considered the alternative. Mine had not spread and they attribute my prognosis to early detection.

Hang in there and go for the most aggresive treatment you can. When they decided mine could be removed, it happened just a few days later.

If you need to talk e-mail me. Good luck.

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Thanks so much fatboy and jalexander. Well, had PET and shows in adrenal gland also - and something in my colon they don't know what the heck it is (all the gum I swallowed as a kid?). Anyway, sending me for many more tests/scans but I meet w/Onc. on Friday.

Thanks again for the support. I love this site and have found that even a quick trip to the chat room can lift my spirits.

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Hi Mrs. C. I'm a 3 year survivor of non-small cell lung cancer, stage IIIa. I was incurable/inoperable going into treatment. I was two pack (non-filters) smoker for fifty years. Given the bad prognosis, the oncologist opted for "aggressive" treatment. Three rounds of chemo and seven weeks of radiation later, they were able to surgically remove the tumor, which had been shrunk by 75%. It was 3 x 5 x 7 cm at diagnosis. Along with the tumor went 40% of my right lung. Post surgery, I was given 10 radiation treatments and another three rounds of chemo. 38 months after surgery, I'm still here, fit as a fiddle, and enjoying life to the fullest. My best advice - be comfortable with your oncology/radiation team. If you are not comfortable with them, get a second opinion. Keep a positive attitude. Accept help from others. They love you, and they want to help. Ask a lot of questions and do a lot of research. The more you learn, the better you understand, the less you stress. You have already found the benefits of this website. We're here, we understand, and we're rooting for you. Please stay in touch. Ernie

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Hi there. I had Lung cancer stage ll. They removed the upper lobe of my right lung. I did 4 months of Chemo. I never, ever smoked. I went for my CAT Scan last week and am cancer free. Stay positive. If you have any questions call the American Cancer Society. they helped me so much. 24 hours a day I could call them. They will send you all types of literature. You'll be one of the ones to beat this thing. Eat well and stay positive.

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Dear Mrs C. I was diagnosed with Stage 3A NSCLC in Sept. 2004--inoperable due to mediastinal and subcarinal lymph nodes. I had chemo followed by chemo/radiation combo. I am now cancer free!! I finished treatment in Feb. You must stay positive and fight! And believe in the power of prayer. I had the most awesome support group. Good luck.

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Hi MrsC: You get it can be beaten!!! I had 1/2 of my left lung removed on 11/17/03 and went through 12 weeks of precautionary chemo. I am now almost 2 years cancer-free. Keep praying, smiling, laughing and living life to the fullest!! Good luck to you!!

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