internal radiation burns

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Hi, I've been searching all day for some information on the radiation burns that have occured in my father one year after having the seed implants. He started having alot of pressure and pain associatied with urinating and having a bowel movement about6 months ago. The doctors were treating him for hemoroids, until they decided to do a colonostopy because he was in an usual amount of pain. They found several severe radiation burns in his colon, and again because the pain was so severe he was scheduled for the burns to be cauterized. They did the surgery to try to cauterized the burn and found a massive amount of scar tissue not only in the colon from radiation burns. He is now home and in agonizing pain. He passed out and was rushed to the emergency room because the pain he is in is too much to handle, his legs give out on him and his body shakes uncontrollably. They are sending him to a pain management doctor. Has anyone else had this problem after having seed implants? Any reply's would be greatly appreciated, he has lost alot of weight also. The doctors don't seem to know what to do, they just keep saying "it will take time to heal". My father is the toughest guy I know and in my 32 years have never heard him complain and to see him in such distress is hard to handle.
Thanks in advance!


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    Are you sure that the burns/scarring are from the seeds & not possibly from additional external radiation which was administered at the same time??? I'm not a doctor but it doesn't seem feasible that it could come from the seeds alone unless the was a major displacement event after insertion & this could easily be confirmed via x-ray analysis. It seems more likely to me that it was caused by the external rads.
    As to what might be done, the only thing I can say is that a similar experience happened to my cousin & only time aleviated the difficulties.
    Good Luck & our prayers are with you & your dad.
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    I know if has been over a year since you posted your message but I am seeking similar information for my father who is in a great deal of pain when he urinates. He now has a bag for the urine but he is still in pain. Is there any treatment for this pain?
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    skater35 said:

    I know if has been over a year since you posted your message but I am seeking similar information for my father who is in a great deal of pain when he urinates. He now has a bag for the urine but he is still in pain. Is there any treatment for this pain?


    You may want to contact the American Cancer Society's National Cancer Information Center regarding your questions. Cancer Information Specialists are available 24 hours a day. They can be reached at 1-800-227-2345.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    Take care and be well,

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    Radiation burns

    I was severely burnt with radiation. It also hit my colon has cut scan and colon is all inflammed. The stretching and pulllin on inside is horrible. Nothing can be done but time will heal.  Has anyone else had this?


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    Radiotherapy is prohibitive in ulcerative colitis PCa patients

    I believe that you had ulcerative colitis before submitting to the radiotherapy and such status/condition "prohibits" this treatment option. Some guys in similar situations have commented to improve via a change in diet and pain killers.

    The worse in photon radiation treatments for prostate cancer is that the rays crosses the whole body affecting tissues in its path. The exception is proton therapy that stops at the point intended to radiate (Bragg peak) and brachytherapy that radiates tissues at localized field. However, the worse in radiation treatments is to administer radiation without previously screening the patient for colitis and prostatitis.
    Radiologists only "interview" patients asking for any past experience in problems related to these conditions, and most of PCa patients approaching them were sent on the recommendation from urologists that also rarely exam those problems.

    The "real" doctors that handle cancer cases are the most recommendable. Surgeons and Gastroenterologists are the ones leading the exams of the colon through colonoscopies. This is the only practical means to verify any existing ulcerative colitis. Unfortunately, patients are also not educated on the matter and cannot predict those consequences, but in the end we are the ones that will sign an agreement relieving the doctor and the hospital from any wrong result or side effect arising from the treatment done by them. Agreements only cover medical bad practice.

    Best wishes for quick improvements and healing.


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    radiation burns

    I have this problem too from radiation for uterine cancer.  My wound is internal.  My onc will start me on 40 sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which is indicated for this condition.  I hope it helps.  This is a late posting, but hope it helps someone.