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Its been almost two years since I was diagnosed with Stg IV Mestatic Cancer. Even though they can't find any new cancer sights I still have pain in my back and shoulders. I was taking Vioxx until they took it off the market. They replaced it with Celebrek but you might as well take advil. Is anyone taking pain management and what is the results. Thanks


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    Hey JR,

    I guess it depends on where your pain is. I only found my renal cell in the first place because of a lucky kidney stone.

    The stone hurt like hell, and I couldn't take the narcotics. My wife thought of trying Ultram (generic is Tramadol), because it seems to be pretty effective for some of her older patients with longterm chronic pain. It turned out to be great for me after all, and has worked for me for a lot of different internal pains (but not quite all).

    I understand that the drug is not supposed to be very addictive, and I haven't ever felt any impairment while using it (no tiredness, dizziness, etc.).