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Has anyone ever had a lymphocele? I had OVCA Stage 1C in March of 2000. Had total hysterectomy, omentum and lymph node removal. The last several CT scans have shown a 'mass' of 2-2.5 cm. My doctor and PA say it's a lymphocele. Sometimes they need to be drained, sometimes removed. Anyone have experience with this? My CA125 is relatively consistent, so I'm hoping this is not a recurrence or something else. Would really appreciate some input.
Thank you to all of you!

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Monika, I have had a lymphocele ever since my first surgery, mine was huge and I had treatments twice a week to try and dry it up plus wore a drain. I still have it but now it is only 6.3x4.8cm and doesn't change to much. I have not heard they surgically removed them but they do inject them to dry them up and drain them. The first time they drained mine it had 6 liters of fluid in it. As you can see it was very large. They never found any cancer cells in the fluid. Sounds like with your consistant ca125 you don't have to worry about cancer and that is wonderful news. Keep us informed about what they are going to do. We will keep you in our prayers.


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