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HELP Treatment disagreement

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My brother age 50 is stage 3A. He had aggresive Chemo, and radiation. Has shrunk a little, Surgeon now recommends surgery. But his Radiaoligist recommends more radiation. His Drs. disagree so seeking info here. He needs to decide his next step. Please reply, and I will have him read answers.

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i would definitely opt for the surgery , if they can remove all of it. I was inoperable and had chemo and rads. They both have side effects which I have to deal with now. I would glady have this damn tumor removed , but it is now still a part of me the size of a walnut and am always worrying about mets from this damn thing still in me. I would seek a second opinion from another oncologist, radiation only cooks the tumor, while surgery removes it, hugggs and will keep you in my prayers, Mike

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I also was inoperable, (IIIa). Had aggressive radiation over nine weeks. That reduced the tumor by 75%. Surgery then removed the remaining tumor. I feel that it really depends on the size and location of the tumor. Mine was originally 4.5 x 5.8 x 7.7 cm, upper right lung, leaning on my esophagus. I am now over three years out, and, so far no more cancer. You probably should seek a second opinion from a medical oncologist (vs radiation oncologist). That should help you with the right decision. I was 67 at the time of my surgery, and it wasn't exactly a walk in the park. I know younger people who have had it and had an easier time of it. I also have relatively minor residual damage from radiation, but overall, I am happy that I went with both radiation and surgery. Good luck. Ernie

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I was dx with NSCLC in March 2004. I did chemo and rads. My chemo onocologist didn't really want the surgery to go forward, but my thoractic surgeon said we are going forward. If he had not agreed, we were determinted to find another surgeon to do. There is nothing wrong in getting a 2nd opinion. Go for it. By the way I am 44. And doing well.

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