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calling all semi-colons!

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Joined: Feb 2004

Sorry to waste valuable topic space guys but high time we all called on Cat/Woman to introduce herself!
C'mon yu all--how's about a bit of encouragement for Sponger's mom?
Can we create a "record" number of posts here???
Cat/Woman--hullo?-now don't be bashfull--Ross n Jen calling!!!!!!!!!

Posts: 768
Joined: Aug 2004

I'm in. Let's hear from you Cat/Woman. Your nice son surely showed you how to post here.

Got any embarrasing stories about ole' sonny-boy? hehehe

Seriously though, welcome and please post. This is a wonderful group of people.


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Joined: Apr 2004

Maybe, just maybe, she is embarrassed with all the attention. I can't imagine Sponger's Mom being the embarrassing kind but you just never know. SB does bring out the best (and worst) in some of us. Just ask the posting policeman, Jose.

Welcome Cat/Woman and post when you can!!!!!

My boxer pup would love to kiss your kitties. She drenches my 2 cats daily!!!!

Lisa P.

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Holy chemo brain Cat/Woman! We're all waiting on pins and needles for your entrance!!

We promise not to tattle on SB (well not too much) if you come and play!!

peace, emily who has a few felines herself

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Joined: Mar 2004

Kitty, Kitty, Cat/Woman where are you? We are waiting to her from the best half of SB. WE all know where he gets his good side from!!!!

Hope to hear from you as we are very excited to hear your side of the story!!

Sue and Bob

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Joined: Apr 2003

(spoken in my best Norman Bates voice...)

Oh, muthuh dear... your public calls...

You better post soon or I'll tell them all about Lordy of the Dance...

Is that incentive enough?

- Sonny Boy/Norman

Posts: 186
Joined: Nov 2004

all right...you guys are scarin' the new guy here. But, I'm in---here kitty, kitty. Don't be shy.

Jimmy (I ain't askeered of nuttin')

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Posts: 2598
Joined: Apr 2003

Spoken like a true Texan, Jimmy...

Jim Bowie woulda been proud!

- SB

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Joined: Aug 2004

Oh- You guys make me laugh even when all I want to do is scream, yell and cry.

Catwoman-- how can you not be part of this? Too funny!!


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