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responding to andreae

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Hi lady sound like you have fun! I sit around half undressed due to hot flashes since I had a hysrerectomy 1 month ago also. My fanily asways kids me because I am cold or hot ot hotter that all! Good luck to you and write back nipple ring and all, I only have a tatoo sorry LOL Thanks slammer

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Struth Amy!!!! I have hot flashes too!!!!
(caused by my Lovely wife Jen) who is now going thru menopause.
I am never able to keep the bed quilt over me--I wake up in the middle of the night either freezing or cooking--depending on Jen's current menopausal state--lol!
Sometimes I think us males have it easy Amy.
Oh--and for a geriatric biker couple neither I nor Jen have tats or nipple,belly button rings.
(kanga has a pierced ear--does that count?)
Sponger?----don't say a word mate.
Anyway Amy--hope you find this board full of support,
kanga n Jen

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mum's the word, mate...

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