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Awol again!

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Sorry guys n gals--I'm gunna have ta ask you all to chat a while so I can go back through all the posts I have missed. I just turned into a pumpkin(after midnight here) and I really need some zzzz's. I just got back from helping my son at work--that's 100 miles away--so am pretty bushed.
Also, zzzzzz's are not coming to easy tonight. Have bloods done tomorrow then an app't set up for my scan. Don't need to tell you all that the chemo brain is "doin' overtime" worrying again!!
Not really in the right frame of mind at the moment----grrrrrrrrr.
luv yah guys, kanga n Jen

Anonymous user (not verified)

Kanga, not to worry. I've been awol again too. I've got so much to do lately, for which I'm grateful, that my time to get to the board just seems to shrink and shrink and shrink. I try to read often, but can't always respond. Anyway, I call them little cancer breaks....and I really must say many times I feel much better not dwelling on cancer each and every day.

We all know that you are always thinking of us...and although I may not post all the time, please everyone know that Bert and I think of each of you all the time and love you all.

Bert & Monika

Anonymous user (not verified)

And by the way, Bert and I will most definitely be with you in spirit tomorrow and we will pray that everyting turns out just super (which it will)...no ifs, ands, or butts (hehehehe, couldn't resist) about it!!!!

More hugs,
Monika & Bert

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Hi Kanga and Jen
Fess up Kanga u really been down in Adelaide watching the test, good luck with the tests hope everything pans out ok my best wishes Ron.

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Will be thinking of you Kanga ( and Jen) tomorrow. Never easy. But then life would be dull, huh?

You are in my prayers. Hope you get a bit of sleep.


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Got my fingers and toes crossed for you, Kanga. Also my eyes. I have been on this darn 'puter three times today. Answering mail and putting up photos and researching drugs for a friend. She is taking a cancer drug for rheumatoid arthritis. And she wonders why she is so tired all the time. Don't laugh. I tried to explain it to her but she is mad because she can't kill a six pack every night.
Aspaysia who was a surprisingly good patient

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Thonga -

My scrip for a good night's sleep: a glass of Old Cave Tawney Port, mate! (two if you still have trouble falling asleep)

You'll be fine tomorrow - but I'll be there in spirit with you anyway so we can go out for a Foster's after your tests! (you're buying!!)


- Speedo

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Aw, thanks guys. I have a lovely lady doc so had a chat with her today while she had the pleasure of sticking me. My blood pressure was fine so the meds are working. We Discussed the "joys" of chemo after effects and my apprehension to my CEA tests etc. and my concerns about "our" fears re; possible re-occurance. As it turns out she is pregnant with her 1st child so I used that to try to explain my fears.
As a cancer patient I told her it is difficult to explain to anyone who has never had cancer or chemo to understand how we all feel at times. I told her I "have never been pregnant" so have no idea how she feels. As a doctor she is able to help me physically but not mentally. In other words it is impossible for me to tell her how to cope with childbirth---she can only get that advice from another lady-----gee--she had a laugh!!!I told her that is why I come here to CSN--to find/offer support to others similar to me. In this way we can relate to each other about something we are all here able to understand. She then asked me if I knew of a "birthing forum?"---he he!!
It was good to talk with her--she is such a great doctor.
Now I wait for test results and go on the 4th Jan for scans-more waiting--ho hum!
A friend just the other day asked me how I can come to CSN--"isn't it upsetting" they said. I told them that for every sad story there is a wealth of uplifting ones--and just the pleasure of knowing you all.
Sitting out in the sun watching a test in 37 deg. cent. is not my idea of "a relaxing day" mate--lol!
Thanks sweetie(I call all tha gals that)
A friend of mine has a saying--"build a bridge n get over it--lol!" I just put another brick in the wall--lol!
Sponger---I like tha port idea--but Fosters??---I think I will have to order you a "porta gaff". That is an ozzie drink of 75% Coopers Stout and 25% lemonade--yuuuuuummmmmmyyyyy!
"bottoms up"--------nother ozzie slang term.
Funny you should mention arthritis--only this morning I talked to a friend here who suffers badly. What is your friend taking??--and is it working?
lotsa luv n huggs guys, kanga n Jen

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hey kanga,

Am thinking of you and your tests.

Tell your doc to go to www.mothering.com. They'll have a birthing forum. Homebirthing too. It's radical and right up my alley and that';s where I lived until I moved to this neighborhood.

Anyway it's a wealth of knowledge and experience for all aspects of mothering for all types....but bends towards natural everything.

I am so glad that my CEA never was a factor---one less thing to worry about.

How bout a Black n Tan ? Cheers!

peace, emily who is happy to not have any tests for a year!!

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Methotrexate is for rheumatoid arthritis an auto-immune disease. It is also used for psoriasis another auto-immune skin thing. I have that sometimes but don't take any drugs for it. Just rub some cortizone cream on the dry patches and it goes away.
Go to http://medlineplus.gov/ a good all around site for health stuff. If you cannot find info I will be glad to send some.
Aspaysia, born to google.

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Hi Kanga,

I'm so sorry that I missed your post. I hope by now that you have heard back from your blood work. I'll be thinking of you and Jen during the wait for the scans. Keep us posted.



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