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personality change

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My mum has recently been diagnosed with brain cancer; which we have been told is terminal- she is only in her early 40s and I am just 20. The scan showed she has several tumors on the brain. For some time members of my family and myself have noticed changes in her personality and she had become paranoid about things. In some ways she just seems my same old mum and then all of a sudden she will just have outbursts. At first I thought it was her sorting out things and preparing for the end but she has now left the family home and keeps accusing my step dad of being mad and she is getting funny over money. She says that I am the only one who understands her but that’s only because I agree with her over everything as it only distresses her if I don’t. Has anyone else had this kind of problem? I don’t want to go behind her back but she has told me that I can’t speak to my step dad as he is going crazy. I know no one can tell me what to do but it be nice to hear that I’m not on my own.

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Can't they do static stereo radio surgery on her? Laser radiation to the lesions. But I believe they must be under a certain cm. You need to sit your mom down with your step dad. She may be preparing herself, but not quite sure how to do. I know I can be like that with my husband (I am in my early 40's) and I have a 14 yr old to think about. Maybe taking your mom to a support group might help or a doctor. My prayers go out to you and your family.

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it is good that you are being so patient with your mom. my brother had the same type of cancer. it is very hard to watch the digression. when you brain is affected you will notice changes in you moms personality. she may be very moody, irritable, forgetfull...this depends on if her brain is swelling and how agressive the cancer is. my brother passed away almost 2 months ago. i am 23. i may have a lot of info that will be usefull to you down the line. do not hesitate to contact me

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