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silly question

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Joined: Jul 2004

but what does NED stand for here? I figure it something to do with being cancer free? please help me.. thinks I am slow or mom dropped me when I was younger.. thanks .. Ramona

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I had to ask too Ramona...No Evidence of Disease (NED).

Lisa P.whose has all sorts of new words and acronyms in my vocabulary because of this journey.

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I had to ask too!

No question is silly.

peace, emily who claims NED!!! :-)

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Ramona -

By the way.. the feminine form of the word is "NED-ette". You won't be a NED, (too macho, you understand), you'll be a NET-ette!


- SpongeBob (your veritible plethora of verbosity!)

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Medicine loves acronyms and you will encounter many on your journey. Some are good eg NED and some you don't wnat to see in your file eg GOMER (get out of my examination room- refering to people that refuse to stop coming back).


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If your question is silly, then I'm SP..(Silly Putty) If it wasn't for CSN, we couldn't educate our doctors Bud

Anonymous user (not verified)

No question on this board is silly or asked too often. All of us didn't know what we know now when we first came here and many times, in our frantic attempts to get answers, we just didn't read previous posts which in many cases, addressed our questions already.

That's what we are all here for. Don't ever feel a questions is silly. Ask away!!!!


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