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Mom diagnosed with Cancer on Thanksgiving

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Hello there. I am very new to this site as well as to this topic. My mother went in for a CAT scan on the 23rd of November for a flank pain she was having. She had no other symptoms. The CAT discovered a 4 inch tumor on her kidney. The uroligist told her that he would not opperate as it was too big. And she has to wait until Monday to get more CAT scans (to see if it has spread to lungs/brain)

My mother is my best friend on earth. I am only 25 years old (She is 57) There HAS to be a way to save my mother.

She is in Maine. What is the BEST hospital for her to go to? If it has gone to the lungs, what are the treatments? Is there any way to know before they do the CAT there? I'm just very concerned. I can't lose my mom right now. I just can't.

Thank you

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Hey Ak,

Sorry to hear about your mom. The thing to find out now is what stage the cancer is in. The lower the stage, the better.

Being in Maine, the nearest hospital I would recommend is Sloan-Kettering in NY City. Sloan is ranked number one all around for cancer treatment.

If your mom is willing to travel further, Cleveland Clinic is considered the best for Renal Cell treatment. If travel is not an option, you may want to try looking around online to see if there is a local urologist who trained at one of these two places (I was lucky, and got a surgeon trained at both places).

Hang in there.

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My suggestion is to contact the ACKC.org website. They are the action to cure kidney cancer organization. The leadership there has access to experts and people willing to operate. There other procedures that can be done besides nephrectomies.


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I am so sorry to hear about your mother. It is very scary to receive a diagnosis of cancer. There is always hope for treatments that will respond to this type of cancer. I will be praying for you and your mother...keep me informed...

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My husband was also diagnosed the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. His tumor was 9-10cm which is the same size as your Mom's. He had a hand assisted laparoscopic nephrectomy on 12/04 and is doing fantastic. It was at the top of his right kidney and the doctor was able to save part of the adrenal gland. There were no mets found- he will go back in March for more test. I felt a need to respond to your message. They can be taken out at this size! He is 39 years old, overweight, but no other health problems to interfere with surgery. The cancer is at stage T2 and grade 2. Keep up hope and get a second opinion! Take Care

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