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hey em!!!!

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hi em,
i would like to know if you could share some of your juice recipes to myself and maybe the rest of the gang. i would really appreciate it.

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Hey sure!

My daily favorite is carrot/granny smith apple/ginger.

Lately I have been having carrot/apple/ginger/parsley/celery.

I also put in a green powder called Perfect Food.

anyway.....I wash about 3-4 large carrots, one med apple, a handful of parsley, 1 celery stalk, and a little chunk of ginger. Easy on the ginger as it adds a lot of *zing*.

Scouty does a beet juice--you may want to ask her too.

Anyway, depending on the size of the carrots this makes about 16 oz of juice.

At the height of my detox/juicing cleanse and cure I was juicing 3 quarts a day. Now I do at least 16 ozs a day and try to get one blueberry smoothie packed with nutritious stuff a day (cod liver oil, protein powder, fiber, flax, or flax oil, green powder....) plus the blueberries. Bud (nanuk) turned me on to coconut milk for my smoothies and boy oh boy it's like ice cream for me!!! I also add coconut oil to it and it's a dessert at this point it is so yummy!!!

There are many recipes in juicing for different ailments. I chose the veggies that were digestive specific. For that I added spinach also to the c/a/p/cel/g recipe.

Kale is supposed to be a good one to juice tho I have yet to try it.

I focused on veggies rather than fruit but for a treat that my kids love just use lemons and apple (I think 4 apples/one lemon) and you get the best lemonade!!

the key to juicing is getting the live enzymes so you want to drink it within 30 minutes of making it or they start to die off.

If you want more info there is a good book:

The Juice Lady (I forget the author and the book is down inthe basement and I am too lazy to run down to get it! haha! I still have not moved my books into my room/office area since the move)!

Does this help at all?

Get juiced semi-colon crew! Tell me what you think!

peace, emily who likes being orange so there!

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Thanks for the PR Em. I am doing 1/4 cabbage, 1/4 celery, 1/4 beets, and 1/4 carrots. I have added a small chunk of ginger root and a hardful of parsley so far. It is all part of my tumor shrinking routine, so I don't deviate from it yet. The beets are all for the liver and kidneys (avastin really messed up my blood pressure).

I got some flax oil flavored with cinnamon that really makes it great for salad dressing and after I get more into my new routine, I will try some other things.

I am also doing essaic tea 3 times a day and have other foods specific to my situation. I went to a local naturapathic doctor and am trying this instead of chemo for a while. I am stage IV and after 8 months of chemo, my onc says no surgery yet and no end in sight for chemo. My side effects just got the best of me and I could not imagine another year of chemo. Quality of life is more important to me now that I understand how much the chemo was messing that up.

I can eat meat, but it is all organic beef and poultry and I only have it a few times a week. No pork...which is hard since I live in North Carolina (one of the b-b-q capitals of the world).

The Juice Queen is Maureen Keene.

Lisa P.

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