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OH, Susana and everyone else

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I know it is two days after Turkey Day but it took my that long to edit my photos. Here she goes again with that new digital camera! I would not inflict this on you but for the fact that I would personally love to see all of y'alls family pics. Go to my web page and look at the links. There are a couple of new ones including the fambly pets.
I got a chance this year to toast a table full of folks who attended 3 years ago after my original dx. At the time I had an iv sticking out of my arm feeding me a contiuous drip of 5fu and I still managed to eat them all under the table. It meant a lot to me that they all rallied around and continue to do so.
Aspaysia who is truly thankful

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And many happy returns of the day, AssP!

I'll be sailing soon so you'll be getting plenty of pictures of me and my "family"!

Love ya!

- SB

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For some reason I miss you every time I ship out even though you send those amusing missives. Guess I would not make a good navy wife. Can't wait to "digest" some more of your photos. Always like to see what you and the rest of the lads are up to.
Will your Mum be filling in here while you are at sea? We could have her all broken in by the time you land.
Aspaysia who likes to make other people's plans for them.

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hey asp!

You are either an artistic genius or a comical genius....oh gosh actually you must be both!! You never fail to make me laugh. :-0

Is that you holding the white pup post tub?

Are you a triplet?

I love the pics and the headings.

peace, emily who has not idea how to put photos on the web.....no genius here!

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Go to Angelfire or google for free blogs. Sign up and let 'er rip. They have a template all laid out and you just have to add stuff - text, photos & etc. And folks can make comments. Everyone in my family has one and if my 87 year old Mum can keep up, well... She is still driving, too, so look out if you go to Canada.
Aspaysia who is no genius but likes to get silly.
PS: that is my sister holding her new puppy. The other blonde is a painter. I am the red-headed stepchild of the family.

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