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You won't believe my December!!!!

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Hi all, I can't believe how busy December will be. I was in the hospital last week with chest pains and the tests didn't go real well. So...on Dec 2nd I see cardiologist. It's also my grandson's 6th birthday. on Dec 4th, my mom's side of the family is having a family reunion. on dec6th, I see family doctor about some of the hospital tests I've had. It's also my parents anniversay. On dec 7th, I see my therapist. On Dec 9th. I have a cystoscopy done to check and see why my bladder isn't working and try to get this cathether out. On Dec 10th, my daughter is having a Christmas party. On Dec. 11th, I have to babysit my grandkids while my daughter and her husband go to a company dance. They never get out together, so they really need it. The on Dec 15th, I have surgeon appt and neurologist appt. On Dec 16th I have psyciatrist appt. I'm on antidepressants. On Dec 18th ny granddaughters have a dance recital. On Dec 20th. I go to my oncologist. On Dec 22nd, my 4 yr old granddaughter has surgery. Then there's Christmas. Whew!!!!!! Do you guys think I'll make it through December????? I hope so and then, God willing, maybe I won't have any appts in a while. I know I'm starting chemo in January, so please be praying that all these doctors appts go ok. Thanks for listening. I know this was long. Love ya all.
Love and prayers, Judy

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Do you have a secretary? You should have just to keep Dec. in order!!

I hope you have comfeey running shoes, it sounds like you are going to need them!!! More power to you GO GIRL!!!!

If anyone can do a schedule like that it has got to be you!!!!

Enjoy your rest for the next few days as the race in right around the corner!!!

Keep us posted on how you make out with everything!!!!

Best wishes and prayers your way!!!!

Sue and Bob

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Judy -

I second Sue's comments about running shoes and a personal secretary! WOOF! Talk about a full dance card.

It will make the time go quickly. Have fun and don't wear yourself out!

Have a great holiday season!

- SB

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That leaves you little tiime to sit around and worry about all the things happening to yo which is probably a good side effect of all this manic appointment keeping.
Set aside the odd day as 'me' time to sit and relax and do something that really makes you happy. You deserve it and have earnt it.

Enjoy keeping busy and let us know as the results come in- will be thinking of you,

Anonymous user (not verified)

Geeze Judy, and I thought my calender was bad. What a schedule but you sure have some great things thrown in there as well. Enjoy them to the utmost and try not to overdo.


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