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Just Got the Date for the Next Check-Up

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Hi Everyone,
I am here for my semi-annual I am scared outta my mind 'cause the check-up is coming post. It is even better this time. I went to the GP for a script renewal (migraines) and they took a look at a 'bump' on my arm and decided "THAT NEEDS TO COME OFF NOW". OMIGOSH! I had it looked at two years ago and they said "don't worry about it". I know, I am overdoing it but I get so scared around this time. I don't want to hear any bad news. I am back to the crazy calculating "If I live ten more years Nelson (my son) will be 20 and Gwyneth (my daughter) will be 18......AHHHHHGGGG! Thank you for listening. I promise I only get like this twice a year.

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Hang in there. This disease makes us all crazy at times. I just got past my one year check up; now I have a call back on my mammogram! Judy

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I got a call back for a spot check on my mammygram last year. They wanted another diagnostic in six months. My onc had his antenna up until this year when I had an annual and they decided that shadow was not growing so I go back to the annual squeeze. Talk about having your **** in the wringer.
Aspaysia, trying not to sweat the small stuff.

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Oh Judy, that stinks. I had the same thing with my first one last January. It turned out to be nothing but I thought I was gonna go crazy worrying. A friend who has a friend who reads the pictures said that this happens a lot and it is almost always nothing to worry about! I will be thnking good thoughts for you. I know it will be fine.

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Hi Taunya.

You can get like that anytime you need to. It is easy to say, " try not to worry.", but...try not to worry. I've learned first hand that it doesnt do anything but get you crazy and tire you out. I wish there was no such emotion.

I wish you the best with your tests. Please let us know how you made out.

Hey, go rent a funny movie. Try to distract yourself for a bit. You'll be fine.


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You are not alone...it gets to all of us. Bert just had his 1 year, 3 month check up and all came back clean. Big sigh of relief but until those tests came back, I was on pins and needles...much more so than he.

Hang in there and enjoy the Holidays. Distract yourself any way that you can...not easy I know, but worth a try for some peace of mind, isn't it?


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I can relate! It is a scary time. I have a post-it note above my desk (I'm looking at it right now) which says "Feed the faith, starve the doubt". Apparently a quote from boxer Pete McNeely as he was preparing to fight Mike Tyson -- but one I can certainly use for my own "battles".
Thinking of you,

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My heart started to race just reading your post. Your feelings are so normal for a cancer survivor.
Please let us know how everything goes. We will be praying and thinking of you.


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I cannot tell you how much easier this is because of you. I could cry. I appreciate all of you caring very much. I can't thank you enough for the support. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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If you are gunna cry Taunya--can I lend a shoulder n cry with yah?????
I have bloods done next wednesday then off for a scan--so maybe we can have a worry session together--geez--never gets any easier this waitin!!!!
Wishing you the most positive report!!!!huggs---kanga n Jen

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