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Bob's hanging in there!!

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Hello Everyone!! Well, as I promised you all an update. Bob is hanging in there! We went and finally had the draining procedure Monday afternoon. They were disappointed that they couldn't drain more fluid as there was only about a gatorade bottle in there. Most of the bloating is from his liver and spleen. We saw his Dr. today and he scheduled a CT Scan on Monday morning at 8:00am. We will see him the following day with the results. Bob's jawndess is getting worse and his urine is getting very dark now.

Bob and I were talking on our way home and he said that he wants to still fight but it is getting harder and harder to do. I told him just take one day at a time and we will get through this no matter what the outcome. I am afraid that he doesn't have the strength anymore to give it his all. I don't want to push him if it is not what he wants. I had to contro my reaction once we got to the Dr.'s office and got into the bright light and realized how much the jawndess had increased in just a couple of days. Our house is usually dark so it is hard to tell sometime. I'm glad that there wasn't any mirrors in the room so that Bob couldn't see himself. I am so hoping that this Thanksgiving is everything that he wants it to be!!!!

I am so sorry that I never seem to have any good news to give anyone anymore. Hopefully that will change even if it is a little bit.

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! I am so thankful to all of you for being there for Bob and I!!!! Thank You!!!!

Best Wishes and Prayers to everyone!!!!


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This site is all about our cancer news..whatever it
may be, not just good news..Bob is fortunate to have such a good caretaker. I hope his Thanksgiving is a happy one, with many friends and family nearby..Bud

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Hi Sue,

I so admire your strength and know that Bob must be so glad you are by his side and encouraging him all the way. I do hope you have some better news for us soon but keep coming back...how would we manage without these boards?

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Hi Sue,
Thanks for the update. It must be so hard for you to keep adjusting your mood and expectations. My dad was quite sick at Thanksgiving a while back; it can be so hard to go on with celebrations when things are not all going well, but you sound very strong and resolved; you will continue to manage this. My best wishes and hugs to you and Bob. Judy

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It is tough when hard times coincide with celebrations that are meant to be so positive. STill it sounds like you still have a lot to be thankful for this year. You still have a loving a husband and marriage that obviously means a lot to you both- that is more than many people ever achieve in their lifetime.

Live each day as it comes and don't waste any of it. It is so precious when you realise how fragile it all really is. Bob I am sure will continue to give his all although 'his all' may diminish in time as it does with all of us through patches where just getting through the day takes an enormous effort. Be there for him but don't feel you have to hide your emotions from him as they can eat at you inside. Talk to him about your fears and worries as I'm sure he shares them too.

Keep letting us know how things go. Your strength through all this is an inspiration to us all.

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Hi Sue. I believe that Bob has the need, the wiil and the strength to fight on. No matter how much he has to endure I think he is like all cancer sufferers--he knows how deaply this affects all families and carers. He will continue to fight because of his love for you Sue, I know I would for Jen. You have the most difficult task Sue. You have our admiration, love and prayers.
kanga n Jen

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Hi Sue,

I hope you and Bob can just enjoy Thanksgiving and not think about the upcoming CT scan. Easier said than done since I am waiting for my CT scan results...maybe today maybe Friday....ARGH!

Anyway, Bob is so very fortunate to have to by his side as he walks this journey. The jaundice is a scary reminder at how the other organs are affected by the cancer. I had forgotten about that yellow hue when I shared Shannon's story with you.

Cherish these moments.

peace, emily who is thankful for all of you!!

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Hi Sue and Bob.

Sorry about the not so great report.

Everyone is here for you. We all pray for you and Bob. As the others have said, try your best to enjoy this holiday. It has to be hard.
Enjoy each other. Enjoy the sun. Enjoy the breeze. Cherish life and the beauty you find in each other. Those are things to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.



Anonymous user (not verified)

Sue, please don't feel the need to apologize for posting news on this board...good or bad, as Nanuk said, this is a cancer board and as most of us already know, news cannot be good all the time. But your news is not all that bad either. Your Bob has expressed his desire to continue fighting and although somewhat weaker than before, I believe that there's still a whole lot of punch in him yet to keep this beast at bay. Give yourself a pat on the back as well as you have been hanging in there with him throughout this journey, one that has made you both stronger and more appreciative of the blessings of life as a whole. No matter how this journey ends, it is a road that you both traveled together, hand in hand, guided by our love for each other and in your faith in God and his will.

Bob will have a good Thanksgiving and so will you because you are still together and God willing, for many more Thanksgivings to come.

Hugs and lots of love,
Monika (((((((JUDY)))))))

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Ahoy, Sue -

I only hope that some day I will find a spouse like you. You are so string and helpful to Bob. No doubt he is incredibly thankful for you.

You guys have a great Thanksgiving.

- SpongeBob

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