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bud Update

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Just received the radiologists report on my most recent PET/CT scan; although I’m not exactly ready to shout from the rooftop, the news is good; the maddening thing about this monster is that it often never goes away. the radiologist says the nodules are probably still there, but there has been no change since previous CT scans. The only thing the PET shows is some radiation-caused pneumonia which he says will eventually resolve.
So, there could be some microscopic buggers in there-he said a more or less accurate description of my current condition would be “stable disease”, which I’ll take.. It looks like this year I have something to be truly thankful for...thank you all for all the prayers & support-God does provide.
Love, Bud
PS-sorry about all th "A's" ..couldn't edit them out.

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hey bud!

Good news that things have not grown or multiplied.

Everyone has microscopic buggers--so here's to hoping your body does not allow them to take off and grow like weeds---

I am thankful for you!! :-)

peace, emily who is NOT having tofu turkey Thursday!!! Free range bird! WooHoo!!

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Great news, Bud, and well deserved after the year you've had. Happy Thanksgiving.
Em...MEAT? Judy

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All news that isn't bad news must be good news. At least that is the way I see it in this whole business. Overall it sounds like you are doing brilliantly and almost sound ready to leave all this behind and get on with your life again. This whole cancer thing hangs over your head for so long and affects us in so many different ways it is fabulous to hear your good news. It has made my day.

Enjoy your giving of thanks as you truly do have somhting to celebrate- allow yourself that although I appreciate that is is hard to really ceelbrate till we know things for certain. I'll certainly be drinking a toast to all the US semicolons on the day even though we don't have thanksgiving here in the UK.
Best of luck

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We are happy to hear you are doin better Bud--but for a moment there I thought I thought you were losin tha plot mate!!!!!!!!!!
Good to hear it was only a glitch mate!
Like Steve , we don't have thanksgiving here but as you know--always thinkin of you mate
luv kanga n Jen

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Hi Bud.

I echo the sentiments of Steve. Good news!

Have a wonderful, thankful Thansgiving!!!


Anonymous user (not verified)

Bud, that's super good news. I've learned to appreciate "stable" as that's where my mom is with her lung cancer...."stable".....music to my ears. People can remain stable for many years with this disease, and I know you'll be one of them. Let's do this again next Thanksgiving :):) Bud and my mom both stable....better yet, cured!!! Who's to say.

Hugs and love,
Monika & Bert

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Great news, Bud!

So happy for ya!!

- SB

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Great news Bud! I'm thrilled that you are holding this monster in its place. Hang tough.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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Hi Bud,

I'm so thankful for your report. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Keep well,


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