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What kind of pets do you have?

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My family and I are going to get a Newfoundland pup in a couple of weeks. I can't decide if I'm crazy or not. These dogs are tremendous!!!! Such mushes though.

We went back and forth between a "lap dog and a Newfie for my daughter who is disabled. The Newfie won. The fun starts on Dec. 11th!! Can't wait.

What kind of pet do you have?????????


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Well glad you asked.....

6 dogs (was 7 but one was just killed 2 weeks ago and we are devastated)
5 kitties
1 donkey
1 sheep
2 bunnies
soon to be 1 rat

4 of those 6 dogs are my sled dogs that I run...MUSH!
1 is a 'Westie but don't call her a lap dog! She is a tough Scottish gal who is all dog!
1 black silly lab that would LOVE to be a lap dog (LAP-adour, LICK-udour)

We had more at the farm but they were sold or stayed behind.

Enjoy the Newfie!

peace, emily who loves her woofies!!

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Hi all, just wanted to reply to Barb's message and also to wish everyone and Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving!!

Emily, do you have a zoo (lol!)! We only have a Parakeet right now. His name is Liberty and I am the only one he responds to. My hubby brought him home for our daughter's 3rd birthday (a year ago). All my life I have had dogs and cats, but never a bird. When I was a teenager (a long, long time ago!!) we had, at one time, 2 dogs and 27 cats! We started out with one cat, who got outside and well you can all imagine what happened to her. She had 6 kittens and then they grew up and some were outside cats, and so on and so on. We finally found a good way to give them homes. We contacted senior citizen homes and gave many of the kittens to them. We also gave some of them to farms in the countrysides of New Jersey.

Pets are a pleasure to have. They can be your best friend when you are depressed.

Well, hope everyone enjoys their holiday. Eat alot and wear baggy pants!!

Linda (Baltimore)

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I'm SO GLAD you asked. I only have one pet. I have the cutest maltese - lap dog. She's 10 pounds and her fur is full fluffy and snow white. Her name is MOLLY! We got her at 8 weeks and she's been with us for 3 years.

She has helped my mom a lot. When we're all working during the day Molly keeps her company. The week that Mom was in the hospital for the blockage Molly dragged her little bed by the front door and waiting for me to come home every night. That week she would be SO excited she would pee when she saw me. kinda cute

little julie &
little molly

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One six month old son is enough to keep me busy at home. Pretty much like having a dog- licks your face as a kiss, crawls around on all fours, eats anything left on teh ground and toilet training -don't even go there!

Grew up with pets galore on a small farm- peacocks, geese, chickens, sheep, rabbits and even the odd fish in the pond. Would love more in teh future but ffor now the little rascal is more than enough!


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I love my babies too....

Ginger, the grand dame 15 yr old tabby cat

Scout, a 2 1/2 year old boxer who is smarter and sweeter then I am.

Lil Hagrid, a 1 1/2 yr old grey cat who other then killing moles is more like a dog then a cat. He eats dog food, and sleeps with Scout. Right now he is out playing in the rain!!!!!

My babies don't let me get down for too long. They can tell and will harass me until I have to laugh. I don't know what I would do without them.

Thanks for asking Barb and welcome back girlfriend.

Did you get the pool finished? You know you are the one that got SB and Kanga's new names....Speedo Boy and Thong Man!!!!!

I made the mistake of asking SB what the Spanky was about. Please don't make that mistake!!!!

Lisa P.

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hey barb,
sorry to hear you have been down.you will get thru it. we have 2 kitties (heidi and tigger2).pets real help when you are down,just looking at them gets you smiling. hope you will be feeling better soon keep in touch and welcome back!!!!
stay the course
stay positive
keep the faith
all the best

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two woofies: Millie-(Husky mix) & Trouble-(Curly Coat Black Lab) They were my home support during chemo; nothing like a couch and a big dog.. Bud

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Hey Barb...
We're in the same boat...I have a Great Pyrenees named Mojo. He'll be 2 on Dec 1st, and weighs about 175...all white, and Newfies come in only black. All part of the St. Bernard family tree somewhere along the lines.

LOVE OUR DOG...and would ALWAYS take something sturdy like him over a wimpy dog! The kids (ages 5, 7, & 10) are perfect with him, and he is ever so gentle.

Go for it!


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Hi, My pet means the world to me. She knows when I need a "kiss" and shes part of the family. My husband got my miniature chow for me for Valentine's day 7 years ago. She's solid black and looks like a little bear, so I named her "Bear". Thanks for making me think of one other thing that I'm thankful for, my "Bear".
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Hi Barb,
We lived down the street from a Newfie a long time ago; he had a crush on our little girl dog til we disappointed him and had her spayed! What a big sweetie he was.
We now have a Lab mix...my dad's dog...my inheritance..who is 14 years old, follows me everywhere and was a constant companion at home during chemo and my leave times. Also a GREAT lap cat, QT, rescued from a shelter and eternally grateful. It's great to have their largely undeserved constant positive regard!
Good luck with your decision! Judy

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Hi Barb. Dogs are great friends. They're always happy to see you and never hold a grudge. We have a 4 year old Black Mouth Ker, which I think is just a dressed up way of saying "mutt." Her name is Ginger and she's very smart, and very good. She kinda looks like a small German Shepard.

You're not crazy! Enjoy the dog!

Happy Thanksgiving. Jimmy

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Hiya Barb. We have "Tessie" our female black with white "socks" cat. She prefers to be called a furrperson!!!! At the moment she is asleep behind me on the carpet--she is never more than 3 feet away from me unless she is playing outside. She has a huge undercover shadehouse area to play in Jen's tropical garden. She is never allowed out of the compound--in fact she won't go out if we leave the gate open----scared to death of being locked out!!!
Tessie knows only too well if I am not feeling well--strange how they know!
Jen has goldfish in the pond--at the moment they are breeding.
Tessie frets badly if I have to go awol, then she snuggles up to Jen and becomes a big woos!

Anonymous user (not verified)

For the first time in many, many years I am pet free. Can't really decide whether or not I like that, but for most of my life I've had dogs, dogs, and more dogs with a couple of horses, hamsters, and bunnies thrown in.

Monika :)

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Hey, Barb...

Would the five or six Hooter's Girls that hang out around my apartment count as "pets"?

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Is this a "family show"? Or am I allowed to comment...tee hee

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I may have gone over the line with my reply up above. Sorry if I offended anyone. It was pretty funny though!

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Barb -

I am devastated...

I actually went to this e-string to show my mom how much fun we have here and I saw that you REMOVED your most excellent reply... and substituted the one there now. Not sure what happened to my "Freudian" reply - perhaps we pushed Jose too far?

- SB

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