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I had a left radical nephrectomy on Nov. 4th 2004.Stg.1 grade 3.When I left the hospital I refused pain meds as I had minimal pain at that time.Sat. I started hurting under my left breast.It hurts to take a deep breath, like a kniffe going through me.The doc sent me for a chest xray and it was negative.He said "narcotics" are the answer.It feels like pleurisy.Did anyone else experience this post op? thank you, Jeanie


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    Geez Jeanie, you got guts. I have a very high pain tolerance, and the pain I experienced was the worst I've ever felt. I was more than happy to take the narcotics, at least at first.

    I found out that I couldn't tolerate the narcs. The pain on the side on which they operated was so bad I couldn't move on that side, so I had to be readmitted to the hospital for another week to get an epidural.

    So, I think what you're feeling is totally normal, and actually pretty good, considering no medications. I felt like I had pleuracy for two months after I was back home. Did they take out a rib in your operation like they did to me? The docs say that would account for a lot of the pain in the chest.