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I had my left Kidney removed in Dec 2002.The cancer had spread to T1 vertebra on my spine. My right arm and hand had become numb from the tumor.I was sent to MD Anderson for the spine surgery. They operated for 11 hours on my spine going in from the front through my chest and neck. Then 3 weeks later they did a 13 hour surgery going in from my back. they had to stabilize my vertebreas from C4 to T4. I have limited motion of my neck but they where able to get all the cancer out. Most of the motion has come back to my arm and hand.I went 10 months cancer free then they found a spot on the back of my skull. They put me on Tholomide and Zometa for six months. So far the spot on my skull has not grown any. My last checkup was the past Oct and they seen a very small spot on my lung. But they are just watching this one. I will go back in January 05. When this all started they only gave me a 10% to 15% chance. Well its been almost 2 years and I only missed 3 months work. I have the best doctors in the world at MD Anderson. I know between God and the Neurosurgeon I had is why I'am alive today.

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Wow JR, your story is very inspiring. I was told the same awful percentages when I was first diagnosed, but got lucky and found it before I hit stage IV. You've given me a lot of encouragement if the cancer ever returns.

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My father's case is very similar to yours. He was diagnosed this past Feb with stage 4 that had metatasized to his L4. He had his surgery at Methodist to remove the tumor, which required two surgeries like yours. He also had a nephrectomy. He is now being treated at MD Anderson by Dr. Jonasch. So far he has been subscribed Zometa. Eight weeks later he went back for his scan and two spots showed up on his ribs. He was then subscribed Thalomide, which he has only taken for two days. What has your experience been with it? Have you had any side affects? Who is your doctor at MD anderson? We feel like he isn't being very aggressive and maybe we should seek other treatment opinions or maybe he is trying to give Dad the best quality of life. How do you know?

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