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To Kangatoo

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Lisa Rose
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This is Lisa Perrins son. I checked on your ISP (bigpond) site. You have 7-20 megs of storage depending on your plan. Is it possible for you to delete some other things. My dad sent the pictures in 2048X1536 resoulution which is huge. Yah hes not the swiftest at times with computers.
Andrew Perrin

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Wow Andrew!!! You sure know your stuff.Unfortunately sending the real big stuff really does slow down the puta here mate. What happens is large attatchments really do take ages to load and until they do I cannot access any other mail. It also slows down just the general workings of my puta and I need to be ableto get quick access at anytime as this is also used for business. I have limited time here Andrew and that is why I have asked Lisa to condense any pictures to the very minimum. I understand that there is plenty of space available but it is the loading time that causes problems. Normal emails are fine.
Thanks for replying Andrew and nice to meet you. Give mum a hugg from us.
kanga n Jen

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Hey Andrew,
Just wanted to say hi!!! Are you still missing the hockey season? think it will come back? :)

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Lisa Rose
Posts: 597
Joined: Mar 2003

Hi Kanga & Jen,

Glad we have the puta problem fixed, sorry for the inconvience Mate !


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