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In memorium

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I don't know why, but Kris S's presence is strong today..although she passed away almost two months ago, she is still here as long as we don't forget..hopefully the following quote from her website will make someone's day a little better.
Thank you CSN, for leaving it on the site:
"Don't let the small annoyances of life eat up precious time and energy.

Enjoy each day and make the most of it. Don't give up, there is still hope.

Although this is a tough disease, there are still many days that can be good ones. There are those who are less fortunate with diseases in which there are no ups and downs but steady deterioration."

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Hear-hear, Bud -

"The tide recedes but leaves behind
bright seashells on the sand.
The sun goes down, but gentle warmth
still lingers on the land.
The music stops and yet it echos
on in sweet refrains.
For every joy that passes,
Something beautiful remains."

- Hadin Marshall

Rest well, KrisS - thanks for still being here with us.

- SB

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Hi Bud,
I think of Kris often. This is the one year anniversary of my diagnosis, and also the time of year when my dad's recurrance happened in spades. We lost him some years ago now at the end of December. Both he and Kris were so solid in facing this disease.
"I don't belive that heroes are extraordinary people. I believe they are ordinary people coping with extraordinary circumstances" (not sure of the attribution, but love the quote).
Hang in there, Judy

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I remember the day well Bud--I sat here and burst into tears(yep--sensitive kanga) and Jen was beside herself. I think Jen saw in my eyes the true bond we all have here--she must have because the tears flowed from her eyes too.
One day we will meet again Kris!!!!!!
---at the end of my rainbow-----

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I miss Kris more than I can say. She was so kind to me, answered many questions for me. I appreciated her email so much.

Anonymous user (not verified)

I just wish I would have had the opportunity to meet in her in person even though I felt like I knew her so well. I believe that one day I will meet her...we all will and when that time comes, what a "party" we will have.

Blessings to all,
Monika and Bert

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