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Bob's procedure a no go!

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Hello guys!! Well, I told you guys I would let you know how Bob made out today.

Well, we got there on time and of course we waited 45 minutes to get in to the lab just for the blood work to see if they vould do the procedure. Bob feel a sleep on my shoulder. I felt so bad for him a he was really exhausted today. They took the blood for the PT test and it went from 2.8 to 13.8 in just 5 days without an blood thinners for a week. Everyone thought that there was a problem with the test as it was so high. So they sent us home with perscribtion for Vit.K. He is to take it for 4 days and we will try again on Monday afternoon.

Does anyone have a clue as to what happened? All the nurses said that it was because of his liver disease.

Bob was not happy about the hole situation. It took everything he had to get there andthen to find out that they couldn't do the test. They couldn't believe that he wasn't bleeding anywhere with it so high.

Can anyone give me an idea of what happen to the PT levels?

Bob had a pretty good week and I guess he is paying for it today. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

I will keep everyone posted. Thank You!!!

Best Wishes and Prayers to everyone!!!!!!


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Hi Sue,
You guys are due to catch a break already; keep hanging in there. I had a blood clot related to my port during chemo, and when they put me on Coumadin for blood thinning, my first level also came back at 13 something. I got an injection of Vit K that day, and, like Bob, did not take it until my level was back in range. I required very low doses of Coumadin, and I honestly can't remember if they ever found a cause!
Prayers to you both, Judy

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