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What's up?

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I been busy posting replies so don't often start a topic but thought I would, "in Spongers words" ---be a little sensitive.
I travel about 100 miles to our city of Adelaide every now and then. When I do I often visit the clinic where they were so good to me. There are a couple of reasons for this. I find it personally comforting to go back and say hi to all my clinic nurses(guys n gals)---they were so wonderfull, I have a great need to keep in touch. I also ask them each time if they have anyone in the ward that could do with some company or cheering up. On average I spend an hour with each patient that would like a chat--depending on their condition/fatigue/tiredness at the time. I have made a lot of friends although many I don't get to see twice as their routines may not match the days I am there. Only yesterday I met a new friend--young lady with a blood disorder. She had been having treatment once a week all her life, she is now 34. No matter when I go to the clinic there are always smiles of welcome--no matter how difficult each persons situation is. They are all a part of a "family".
Jo--one of my female nurses once asked me if it worried me coming back when I didn't need to be there for treatment.
I answered---" I found it awesome that carers and patients welcomed me with open arms when I first had chemo--now it is my turn to pass that love and support on"
I hope I never have to go there for chemo again--but if I do, then I know my "family" will be there for me too!
luv yu guys too--from "sensitive" kanga and "angel" Jen

-gotta go find a tissue now--

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I think that is AWESOME!! And perfect therapy. When I am passed all this chemo and feeling like doo-doo, you may have just inspired me to do the same.

You are one of the ones who make this world a beautiful place.


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You travel to the other side of the world daily and bring comfort. You are amazing. Thanks.


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Hi Kanga,

Thanks for sharing and reminding us how special you are!

I, too, am able to visit in the infusion room each Friday when I volunteer at the ACS office that is housed with my oncology office. I think I get a lot more from sitting with the patients than they do. I have a need to feel connected to the staff as well as the patients.

Hopefully, someone kind like you, Kanga, will sit and chat with Kerry, Memory, MJ, Steve, Lisa, and all the other semi-colons that are now receiving the necessary medicines that will heal them completely.

Now I'm teary-eyed!

Hugs and love to you and Jen,


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Wow!! YOu really are so great. It slips out every now and then in your sensitive responses, but this tops it all!

Such a tremendous idea and action. You help us deal with our own problems, and then teach us how to help others.
Thanks for sharing - we all need to follow your lead, and help make this world that much better. Adelaide is lucky to have you!

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I guess I should ask you "What's Down...? But then you have just told us; brave Kanga for going back to
that place of poison..good for you! Bud

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Kanga -

You rock (I mean for a sensitive, thong-wearing Ozzie, that is...)

No doubt your visits also give strength to folks who wonder where they'll be in a couple of years. They see you there and know they'll be OK.

Keep her so, mate!

- Bob

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Hey Kanga,
What a wonderful thing for you to do! I'm sure the folks currently getting chemo are uplifted by your cheery and vital presence; I sure could have used someone like yu at my first onc's office....things felt so glum and impersonal there, I had to switch! Keep up the good work. Judy

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