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Bone Scan

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Thank you to everyone who resonded with such encouragement and comforting words.

Good news, my bone scan was negative - so no cancer in the bones. My cancer is apparently located in the lymph nodes, no organs.

I am in the process (slow) of getting into MD Anderson in Houston and will begin treatment as soon as possible, which will consist of chemo only at this point.

This nightmare of recurrance can really sneak up on you. I thought I might just have had it made - after 2 years.

Can't quit now, I'm ready for the "fight of my life".

Thanks again for your special thoughts. I love you all at this site and hold you close in my heart.


P.S. Thanks Emily, I'm ready to start the juicing!

P.P.S. Any info regarding side effects of the following cocktails - avistan, zeloda, oxyplatin? These are the chemicals that have been mentioned for my treatment, added to 5FU and Leucovorin (which I took before)

Anonymous user (not verified)

You go Kerry! You'll beat this ******* yet! Recurrence is the fear for all of us, both patient and caregiver alike. I think about it all the time and then push it to the back of my mind and try to live in the present and enjoy the fact that Bert is cancer free. If it comes back, I can't change it so why spend precious time ruining this all clear (and hopefully for many, many years) time!!!!

Hang in there. You've got spunk and you've got spirit. You've already taken the wind out of it's sails once and maybe this time, you'll competely knock down the mast (hey Sponger....are you appreciated my half *** attempts at nautical terms here????? Wasn't intended, just kind of happened).

Anyway hon, we are all rooten and tooten for you and we love you back.


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Monika -

You're a natural-born sailorette! I bet you can cuss a blue streak when you're three sheets t' the wind, matey!


- SB

Anonymous user (not verified)

No, just married to one and I am a quick learner....that's right. Old "no type" was in the Navy in his "younger" years. Ah, the stories I could tell you!!!!

Monika ;-)

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yes we ARE a tooten bunch!

Get juicing and turn orange to boot. Everyone will think you have an awesom tan and look so healthy! :-)

Carrot/granny smith apple/parsley/spinach/ginger is what I used. Scouty uses a different mixture. Ask her about hers too. She is going to a professional where as I read mine from books.

Mine was in my lymph too ya know. Of course they removed them at surgery....just get to cleaning out those buggers ok?!!

peace, emily who should take out stock in Champion Juicers haha! :-)

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Thats very positive news ! What a relief.

It sounds like they caught this just in time, so in many ways you should be very thankful. You will get through this with flying colors. (my mom had a recurrence almost one year ago, and she is doing great today)

One quick question - did you say that this showed up on a PET scan and not on a CAT scan. Did they tell you why? The reason I ask is that in Canada they do not recommend PET scans.


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Hi Kerry,

I am so glad the recurrence is in the lymph nodes...chemo will deal with that. I agree with Monika that we all have to live in the present...recurrence is the nightmare that we all try to avoid but the fear is always there at the back of our minds. However, we cannot let the fear take over our lives. Good luck with the treatment...you have overcome it before and you will again. Fight on!

Vanessa, we live in The Bahamas and we do not have PET scans here so we have to travel to the US...I must say I have more faith in them than CT scans. Two spots showed up on my husband's liver on the CT scan but the PET showed that they were not malignant...just 'artifacts' the surgeon said. As PET scans are much more expensive than CT scans, there may be more reluctance to prescribe one.

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Hi Kerry, I am so glad to hear no cancer in the bones. Prayers do help. Keep the fighting spirits up we will win. Livin

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Hi Kerry,

Wonderful news on the bone scans. Get into MD Anderson (you might get to meet Jana!!!!). Worry about the chemo side effects when you find the actual cocktail. I just had almost 8 months of them all and will be happy to share my side effects, but do question the use of Avastin. It is usually used for tumors in organs (stage IV), but who knows what they have learned since it's "birth". It was just approved by the FDA (bet that relieves you) in March of this year.

Let me know when you find out your cocktail and I will tell you more.

Lisa P.

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hey kerry,
great news!!!!!!
keep up the positive attitude, that's 90% of the battle. kick some booty girl.
stay the course
stay positive
keep the faith
all the best

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It is amazing where we take our strength from- if anyone had told me that some one could be pleased with just having a recurrence in the lymph nodes I would have laughed but of course in this game you take any essence of good news and cling to it. Having this cancer changes how you view so amny things in life.
So brilliant news about teh bone scan- it means your staging doesn't really change (you stay as Dukes C/Stage 3 and not stage 4/Duke's D) which is the vital thing affecting your prognosis. Chemo can be very effective in beating such recurences and a positive attitude will see you a long way.
Keep fighting the good fight and let us know how things progress.

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So pleased for you Kerry--I know the chemo looks to you like another battle babe--but to win the war those nodes need everything you can throw at 'em!
Thinking of you--check your mail Kerry--sent you something special.
luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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THANK GOD!!! It sucks that you have to go through this but im sure your already feeling a bit better knowing its not in the bones!

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Hi Everyone,
I am here for my semi-annual I am scared outta my mind 'cause the check-up is coming post. It is even better this time. I went to the GP for a script renewal (migraines) and they took a look at a 'bump' on my arm and decided "THAT NEEDS TO COME OFF NOW". OMIGOSH! I had it looked at two years ago and they said "don't worry about it". I know, I am overdoing it but I get so scared around this time. I don't want to hear any bad news. I am back to the crazy calculating "If I live ten more years Nelson (my son) will be 20 and Gwyneth (my daughter) will be 18......AHHHHHGGGG! Thank you for listening. I promise I only get like this twice a year.

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