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Emily, Colonoscopy results???????????

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Please honey,

We are all waiting to hear from you. I told Sponger that I was going to call myself Em Jr. since I recently postponed chemo and have started joining the juicing team. Beets really are powerful!!!!

I have only been on my regime 4 days and after juicing with beets, carrots, celery and cabbage, my BP drops 15 points on both sides. After 2 hours it goes back up, but that is my most amazing "result" far.

Hugs to you Em!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Lisa -

You're not supposed to mix that tomoto juice with vodka - that's why your BP dropped, you were relaxed! Mixing vodka and V8 isn't called "juicing", it's called "getting juiced"!

Sounds like you're having fun - I'm sure Scout & Lil H enjoy their Iams Puree - you ARE looking out for their health with juicing, too, yes?

- Sponger/Spanky

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Ok, my results are not officially in yet. Two polyps. Dang.

The doctor (a new local guy) who did the procedure commented on the color of my intestines. (no, they weren't orange) Apparently the Smooth Move herbal tea I drank to facilitate the clean out colored my intestines and the polyps stuck out like sore thumbs.

My CT will be on monday. So keeping fingers crossed and prayers often. I am still fearful of recurrence just like anyone around here. I have faith in my regime but ultimately my faith remains in God's healing....no matter which modality one chooses.....we are still in His hands only.

Beets DO pack a punch!! Your liver must be singing falsetto about now. Beets clean out the liver like nobody's business!

Thanks for asking...forgot to make a formal post.

peace, emily who is colonoscopy free for THREE years now!!! WOOHOO!!!

Anonymous user (not verified)

Emily, not to worry...those polyps as you know mean poop!!! And they got them, didn't they. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your scans...I'll add my legs and a few other things too if you like (eyes, etc.).

Babe, your gonna be just fine as God is holding you and all of us in his hands and they are gentle hands.


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Em -

Tell me more about the herbal tea prep... was that in place of or in addition to the nastyness?

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no not in place of just as a co-facilitator of....but psssst.....I cheated and didn't drink all the second bottle of the stuff. heehee. The herbal tea is much more palatible and easier on my tumtum.

peace, emily whose singing now....NO MORE FLEET ! WOOHOO!! (cuz in three years there will be something better!)

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Hoping for the best results for you Emily. Hey Em--they told me that seeing as I don't have all my colon left I only needed to drink 2/3 rds of that stuff!! I can tell you my septic tank will never be the same again since I poured that horrid stuff down it!
Lisa?--you don't really feed that stuf to Scout n Lil H do yah??????
Tessie would go awol on me if ah tried that on her--lol!

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