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please say prayer- surgery tomorrow

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tomorrow is my dad's wound exploration surgery, as some of you may know already since i posted last week about this particular subject, his wound has never healed properly since the surgery and now the surgeon is going back in to evidently "explore" the wound. The surgeon thinks it may be a stray surgical staple that was left inside, so I'm praying that's all it is.

So again, please keep my dad in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow.


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Hi Susana, I remember you talking about your dad not healing. I had surgery May 20th and my bottom is still not healed. That's why they're holding off with the chemo for now. He said that I need to be healed before they can start more. Tell me a little more about the problems he was having. Was he still having drainage bad?? I'd like to talk to my surgeon about exploration. Let me know how things turn out. I will be praying for you and your dad and that things will start to improve after this.
Love and prayers, Judy)grandma047)

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Hi Judy,

He was operated on July 30th and since then, the wound has continuously drained and at times, given him a fever due to many infections. Again, the last time he met with the surgeon which was just last week, he stuck a pair of surgical scissors into the wound and claims that he "thinks" he felt a staple, and my dad claims he tried removing it several times but it wouldn't come loose or out. They haven't stopped chemo yet and from the looks of things, and unless God forbid it gets really bad, it doesn't seem like they're going to stop. I asked the surgeon and the oncologist about this and they said the wound exploration surgery shouldn't have any effect with him continuing chemo. I'm just so nervous already Judy, I hate that he's having to go back into surgery, even though I hear this a minor procedure, but the irrational part of me is already thinking "what if it's cancer again". I hate what cancer has done to me and my family.
Now is your wound also still draining?

Take care and continue on with the fight.

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Hi Susana, I think that once we have cancer that any ache or pain makes us wonder "what if". That's just normal. I can't tell you not to worry. I know worry doesn't change the outcome, but it's hard not too. I will be praying for your dad and you tomorrow. What time is surgery so I can be praying then? Yes mine is still draining and my surgery was May 20th and my chemo doctor says he can't start chemo again until it's healed, so I'm waiting to see what happens there. I've just had more bad news, so I'm still trying to hang in there. Like I said, I will be praying tomorrow.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Susana, prayers and good thoughts are on there way.


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Hi Susana,

I'm so sorry that your dad has to have the surgery tomorrow. I will praying that all goes well and he will heal very quickly after tomorrow's procedure.


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Susana -

Hoping for a good and simple resolution for your dad.


- SpongeBob

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Best of Luck tomorrow!!!! You and your Dad are in my prayers!!!! Hang in there!!!! Let us know how things go!!!!

Best Wishes!!


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best of luck. Will be good for you to know if there is anyhting in there preventing the healing and it may be that things improve a lot after so try and see this as a positive step forward- hard to do I know but you've got to find positive aspects where you can in all this.

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Susana--maybe the best result would be that it is something simple like a staple?-Then with some luck his surgeon will at least find the culprit to his problems.
Our very best and our prayers Susana, kanga n Jen

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