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horrendouse mouth sores

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hey guys, my dad is halfway through chemo treatments and the only real bad side effect at this point is horrendous mouth sores. I think i asked this question before and i know i wrote some suggestions that were given, but i have no idea where i put that particular note. At that point my dad's sores were manageable but he's getting to the point where he doesn't want to eat anything b/c of the pain.

thanks again for your help.


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Susana, when I had my mouth sores I used Orajel to numb them. The only thing is he has to be real careful so as not to bite the effected area.
He will be in my prayers for his surgery. Hope everything goes OK.

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Susana -

To help prevent the sores have him suck/chew crushed ice when they push his chemo bolus. The cold will constrict the blood vessels in his mouth and cut down on mouth sores.

To help treat the existing sores, I used "Zilactin Toothache and Oral Pain Swabs". They are medicated swabs that help numb the pain with Benzocaine and also provides an antiseptic.

They are available over the counter a most drug stores.

Hope they help

- SpongeBob

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I'm on the same regime at the moment and half way through too. Have noticed some mouth pain after last cycle but no specific sores developed. The suggestion from the nurses is use of diclofenac mouth wash or chlorhexidine mouth wash (won't give trade names as will be different in US than teh UK). Also salt water mouth washes are of use. THese are mainly preventative measures and may be less useful to your dad now he acutally has ulcers but you may wish to discuss these options with your oncologist or the nurses.
Best of luck,

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