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help?doesn't anyone reply on here??

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Hello I posted a new topic a week ago, and I am wondering why no one is/has responded? Is everyone healthy(that is fantastic) but seriously, when I go to colon cancer discussions they atr on it all the time? Where are all the people? I am really looking for some direction here, and any advise from recurrent melonama stories and ow that goes, see i decided for the most part 8 yrs ago, I was all done, except when I get a little worried at Dr. visist time, anyways reality is back, and I am really scared. Please help. Thanks and God Bless

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My name is Dana and I am one of the online community specialists with the Cancer Survivors Network. I am sorry you did not receive a reply to your original posting. You may want to consider searching the personal web pages and making a connection with another melanoma patient that may be going through a recurrence.

You are correct that some of our discussion boards are more active than others at different times. We do encourage you to keep posting and replying to other postings. Oftentimes when other individuals start seeing postings and receive responses it generates more activity.

Thank you for your interest in the discussion boards.

All the best,

CSN Dana

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You might also want to check out www.mpip.org. it is specifically for MM, and there is a wealth of information there too. Hope this helps. God bless.

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