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question about cholestrol and the polyp

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One thing that has remained normal for me was my cholestrol, now the dr says that they are both high..231 and 158. This has me really puzzled since I have been eating so much healthier since the colon cancer. I called the dr to see what they think may be going on. I know I have gall stones, but could that be causing the elevated cholestrol?

Next, the drs nurse called me back after I asked why they didnt remove all the other polyp at the other colonscopy and she just said that they removed all they could and the dr wanted to look at it again in three months because if there were any change, it would take about 3 months for it to happen and and see it they could get the rest then. Okay, I know I should just be grateful that it is not cancer at this point, but this scares me. Anyone out here had anything like this happen to them? I have the next colonscopy in three months and the CEA levels are supposed to be tested next month. Anyone got any questions I ought to be asking to either the gastro or the oncologist?

And Kerry, this is a dreadful disease. My prayers are going out to you.

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Hi Franny,
Good news about your polyp; a college roommate of mine had her delayed baseline colonoscopy at my urging, and had 3 polyps, none of them cancer, but 1 of them flat on the colon (most polyps grow like little mushrooms on stems). The doc was not able to remove the entire thickness of the polyp without potentially damaging the colon wall. She returned in 3 months, and they scraped off the rest; still negative biopsy, and now she's all clear. Good luck to you. Judy

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Thanks all, that is encouraging. I dont want to take any medication until it is absolutely the last resort. I know one big thing is exercise, but I just cant seem to find time during the week to add this to my life. Love all of you and it is great to have this venue to talk to all of you!

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Franny -

Re: your cholestorol - mine was in the low 200s and my doctor told me it was "slightly elevated" - I laughed. I told him mine is usually in the low 300s thanks to heredity! Heredity can play a major role in what your cholestorol reading is. I was on Lipitor to lower my cholestorol and it masked many of my cancer symptoms. They would prefer I be back on it, but they are respecting the fact that I refuse to take it anymore.

As for your polyp, I believe Judy hit the nail on the head for you.

Be well!

- SpongeBob

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Be happy for your polyp. they are common in many people's bowels and over a period of years may turn cancerous. One of the perks of having had bowel cancer is that we are on teh monitoring programme with colonoscopy so get them removed and monitored. There are many people out there who would benefit from this as they may have polyps but it can't be offered to all for cost reasons. I see this as one of the benefits of having this cancer (alway look on the bright side of life- as Monty Python said).

the cholesterol doesn't sound too bad. You are right that the dietary changes as you have made should reduce it but often only manage to do so by around 10%. The drugs (known as statins) are more effective at reducing it more significantly and it may be worth discussing htis your doc. It is well shown to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease and you have had enough disease in your life for now!
Best of luck,

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Well siad Steve--and I have this horrid feeling there are a lot of people out there with polyps that are growing and which could be benign or malignant--it is just that those people have no symptoms!
So-in a way we are lucky that we are regularly checked--at least the polyps don't get too much time to grow.
Geeeeez--we desperately need a good and accurate screening program!
Hey Fran--all tha best from OZ and try to keep your chin up!
huggs, kanga n Jen

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