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HPV strains & recurrences. Need support.

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15 years ago, at age 18 I was diagnosed with severe dysplasia and had a cone biopsy. A few months later I broke out in external warts and had them removed with TCA. The pap smears have been normal until last month. The external warts have recurred every few years. I have 8 out of the 9 high risk HPV strains. The fact that the warts keep coming back tell me that my body can't seem to fight off this HPV. I was just referred to an oncologist because of the results of my recent cervical biopsy and I am very frightened - about everything. I am even worrying I'll get vulvar cancer etc. I am worried that all the bad strains I have, plus that fact that I am having a recurrence will make my prognosis worse, or that I'll be fighting this for the rest of my life. If you have any info, or experiences similar to mine, please write. I'm really an emotional wreck right now. Thanks.

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I am so sorry to hear about this- you must be really frightened. I would suggest asking the gals at the Eyes On The Prize website for insight. There are women from all over the world involved with just abou every kind of history out there (as far as what has happened medically).
Good Luck-

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i am 29 and just found out i have severe dysplasia last week due to hpv i don't have all the answers but i can understand your concern.. i am scarred too. i have to go on the 27th for a leep procedure to have all the bad cells removed. how do i find out about the strains? im always here to talk.

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