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Thank You for helping through this!!!

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Hello everyone!!! Things here are about the same. Bob is hanging in there. His spirits are better today. I called his good friend and told him what was gong on and he was here this morning and when he couldn't find me he left and came back a few hours later. I told him I was in the basement doing laundry which I hate to do. So I try to get it done early and out of the way. He stayed for quite a while Bob said as I went out to do some long over do winter shopping. I met with our daughter and her husband as planned and we had a long talk and got everything out in the open. I feel better for that. When I got home Bob was in a good moad. It looks like the visit from his friend helped him alot. His brother is coming up tomorrow. I am hoping to talk with him also but son't know if he will be ready for it. We shall see.

I asked Bob how he felt if we put him on the patch for pain meds. He looked at me and said if the Dr. thinks that is what should be done he will go for it. We will see him Tuesday.

I want to thank everyone for there kind words!!! If you all only knew how much help you all are to me!!!! I will keep you all posted on how Bobis doing and what we find out on Tuesday. I think the experimental trial will be out do to Bob condition. But there is always hope evenif it is small!!!! I am NOT giving up!!!!

Thank You ALL!!!!!!!



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Sue & Bob

You guys just hang tough. You have the right attitude. "Never give up." (my main man Winston Churchill)

- SB

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Hi Sue,

I am glad Bob is feeling more cheerful...sometimes it takes "outsiders" to cheer up those we love. From personal experience, I think we feel that as the one closest to our loved one, we should be able to do all and be all and it is not always so. We try to be superwoman or superman, as the case may be. Our loved ones often feel more obliged to be cheerful around "outsiders" whereas, with us, they can be themselves.

It is good too that you take some time for yourself. You are more able to help if you have had a little break sometimes. Again, I always feel that I am responsible for lifting my husband's mood and attitude toward his illness...sometimes we can and sometimes we cannot. We have to allow them their own feelings while keeping them as cheerful as we can. Sometimes, they just have to be left alone (not necessarily literally) with their feelings and mood. As long as they know we are there for them to encourage, empathise and support, that is all we can do. And you are certainly doing all of that. Alot is expected of caregivers and it means we have to take care of ourselves as well, to be able to give to the one we love so much.

Hang in there...you are doing a terrific job!

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Hi Sue,
It is so good to hear that you are feeling better. When my dad was really sick with his colon cancer, I found my anxiety and helplessness were worse than anything I felt with my own battle. I do think it's easier to be the "patient" than the "loved one".
Hang in there and keep up the good spirits; convey my regards to Bob.
Hugs (((()))))and prayers coming your way.

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Ali and Judy--I have to agree with you both. So many times it is said that carers carry the brunt of this horrid thing. Without Jen I think I would have been certified a long time ago.
All you carers are our "ANGELS"
So good to hear Bob has perked up some Sue. You know Jen and I are with you. Keep up the battle Sue!!!
luv n huggs, Kanga n Jen

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