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Update surgery dec 7th

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sorry I tried to start a new topic and for some reason it went in this post. And it wouldnt let me delete it. So sorry.

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Ok the board was acting up on me ugh. ANyways I just wanted to let you guys know I am scheduled for surgery dec 7th. They are giving me a 50/50 chance this is cancer. If you recall awhile back I came here looking for more information in regards to a complex kidney cyst. Anyways due to insurance reason I will have to wait til dec to have the surgery. My sec opinion dr had showed my CT and US scans to 3 different radiologists. They concered that it needs to come out. So now I wait and crossing my fingers I beat the 50/50 odds.

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Hey Lisa,

Thanks for the update. As you and I have discussed, even if the cyst is a cancerous tumor, things still may be just fine for you.

I was in the exact same position almost two years ago to the date, although they gave me a little better odds that my mass was not cancer. Well, I beat the odds.

The important thing to remember though, is that even if your mass is cancer, it is less likely to be an aggressive cancer, given its size. And even if it is aggressive, the size should also indicate that it has not had a chance to spread.

My mass was only a little smaller than yours, but it still turned out to be cancer. It hadn't had the chance to spread though, and two years later I'm still cancer free.

Even if your mass is cancerous, I'll bet you'll still be done with it once the surgery is over.

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