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Thanks everyone. Yes as you know waiting is hard, but I keep thinking that on the first one, he told me right away, lady you probably have waiting on the path report. So at least this seems like a good sign. But let me tell you guys about these pills. They are called visicol. You start about 5:00 pm after a day of nothing but clear liquids taking 4 every 15 minutes. On the last four (at 6:00) you drink a can of ginger ale. Then you wait three hours and take four more, then 15 minutes later 4 more with ginger ale and after you are done with the bathroom, you take 4 5mg of dulcolax. I woke up about 4:00 in the morning with more bathroom going and that was it. MUCH easier on me since I kept throwing up the colytely and the nutralyte stuff. So definitely ask your drs about this. The only draw back for me was that the pills were not covered under my insurance and that was $45 I had to pay,..but worth it in my book.

I will check back in on Friday and let you know my results. Thanks all and God Bless


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    Good Luck on your test. Thanks for passing on the information on the pills. I am sure I would like the pill better also.