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melanoma?lymph nodes

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Hello to all of you! I too am new to posting on this site.But I have been reading disc. for a long time off and on. I too am a melanoma survivor. for now.smile. I say that out of respect for just how darn sneaky this cancer(but then most are) and deadly it truly can be, and I also know first hand, how people think just skin caner well??? I must say when I was diagnose 8 yrs ago this month, I definately was being watched over by angels, because I went to a skin DR(because I happen to already have one),however, it was a short visit, snipped(burned?) off this growth from my under forearm, told me it was nothing some aging deal...as I put my purse on my arm I said so are you fgoing to check that out? He said, well I wasn;'t but I can. 2 days later phone call, oops we have more to do..surgery followed,cat scan etc.
I have been blessed, meaning I only get alittle freaked out when its time for my oncology visit/chest xray etc. But I am a little worried right now, and I will be going for some biopsies today on that same arm, there re 2 lumps in my upper/inner arm, 1 is hard like a pea, one is like a cyst? I never got the lymph node mapping/or removal of any. which has always bothered me. as I have seen cancer in many people I love, and I go to the logic thinking/which is very hard, but also
helpful, because reality is reality. I think positive, I have to, I am a single mom, with 3 kids, one with sever disabilities(totalcare)who need me. So at first it was like cut my arm off if you have too..thank god they did not. Ok could someone please share with me, any info on no lymph node mapping, as well as these lumps/cysts(same arm) and also where they removed the cancer has a hard lump on the uside of the scar, been going on for about 6 months now, my doc said just scar tissue? but why would it change 8 years later? I also don't like the lumps deal as they are in the same arm? any of you who had recurrances, I am wondering if you felt sick? or how you new if you did not? I don't get 3 month checks(skin) In fact I look at my body of course, but no Dr. does and never has? I had a Clarks level 1V which is another ? when you all write level 1V are you talking about clarks? Ok I am probaly babbling now, but I am seriously doubting my oncologist, who did not even want to biopsy these lumps, just "watch them" my reg. dr. decided ultrasound/radiolgy recommmends biopsies. so yeah, I am releived and worried, both. I feel good though. Now I must say to you all, I admire your strength, and my prayers are with you all. God Bless.

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My name is Dana and I am one of the Online Community Specialists with the CSN. You may be interested in contacting the American Cancer Society's National Cancer Information Center regarding your questions. Cancer Information Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-227-2345.

I hope this information has been helpful.

All the best,

CSN Dana

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Hi Sunrise,

I am so sorry to read your story. My husband was diagnosed 5 months ago with Melanoma in his right ankle. Unfortunately it had already spread to two lymphnodes and now he is doing a one-year cycle of Interferon. So far, this seems to be the only FDA approved treatment for melanoma. Have you done it?
Let me know how you are feeling.

Take care, Ninja

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Hi.I am new on this site and have been going through a reoccurence of melanoma. Ive read your story and I am wondering if you have gotten all those lumps biopsied? I would definately get a second opinion and do it as soon as possible. I found my second time by cyst looking lumps on the same leg my original one was on. I had lymph nodes removed the first time and have recently had alot more removed again. I would like to hear from you and know whats going on.

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Well, well, well. So I am not the only one. I, too, had a melanoma on the upper right arm that required two surgeries (the second to get a wider margin). Then, 8-9 months later, I developed these giant lymph nodes (axillary) but on the other arm. I had those removed, and supposedly all was well. Every single surgery though, is "yes", "no". They say they got it, then they say they need more. With this last one, the lymph node biopsy, the initial report was good. This was done at a large HMO (K*****), and now I have no insurance. I took the lab report to a Dr that I had to pay out of pocket shortly after, and he said "They missed it. You need to bring this report back to the Oncology Surgeon and show them this". Except I have no more insurance since I lost my job due to surgeries...
Now I just have to go on hope and faith. I don't even know where I stand. Did they get it or not? Is it there or not? Is it spreading or not? I have no answers and that is the hardest part. I don't really want to go through anymore surgeries since I feel like the Christmas turkey, all carved up. Just maybe a little moral support.....

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I know where you are coming from. I had my original surgury in '99. But I found out this year that it has came back. In april of 2005 I had a little over 60% of my liver taken out. The doc told me they got it all then. Now here in June they have found two more spots. I go for more surgery on the 27th. I am scared that I will end up losing my job because of all the surgeries. I have been out of work since april.

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Hi Mjen, I am new to this site also, I had surgery almost 2 weeks ago to remove more lymph nodes, it has been 2 years since my originial diagnosis. I had 13 removed 1st time (groin area) then 12 (lower abdomen) my melanoma was on the back of my upper right leg. How many times have you had lymphs removed?

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