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To Kerrry and Judiths

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If I am remembering correctly, you both have important medical tests at the end of the week.
I pray that both of you receive negative results and know that you will.

Let us know as soon as each of you find out.

Thinking of you both,


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Thank you Kay for thinking about us and remembering. Yes, I have a PET scan on Wednesday (my first) so I am a little anxious. Judy and I seem to be on the same schedule for our tests and exactly one year to the date apart of completing our chemo.

Thanks again and I will keep you posted.

P.S. We have our Cattle Baron's Gala this coming Saturday night benefitting the American Cancer Society here in San Antonio. Maybe I'll have some good pics to post.

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I'll put on my Stetson hat and Lucchese boots and swaller a toast to ya, Kerry!

You and Judy be well now, y'hear?

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Hi Kay,
Very sweet of you to keep track of others test schedule, and thank you for the good wishes. I continue to debate which of the 3 preps...Visicol, compounded phospho soda, or citrate of mag to use for my colonoscopy on Friday...I think I'm focusing on the prep instead of getting worked up about the outcome??? hmmmmm?
Anyway, can't wait for the Versad to hit...no wonder that stuff is a controlled substance. Here's hoping for the best. Thanks, Judy

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Our very best from OZ, Kerry and Judy---hope all goes well.
(still not gunna help yah drink tha stuff Judy!!)

Kay---my desk is a shambles--any tips on keepin the law n order here--geeeeeez--struth--my desk abounds with notes and sometimes I am forgetfull!
luv n huggs to ya all, kanga n Jen

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