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Metastatical liver cancer

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My boyfriend's grandmother was diagnosed with cancer one week ago after a tumor has been removed from her intestine. She is a lady of 80 years and doesn't know about her condition. It has been sucpected 2 years ago already at a check up, but she never returned back for further tests. The doctors have given her daughter, for her mother, the option of chemotherapy and radiation. The daughter is leaning towards declining that option and let her mother have a life of quality as long as she can have it. And I agree with that having been faced with cancer in family before and knowing what it can do to a person. What they are looking into now is alternative methods, soecial diets mostly the one with starving yourself. Considering the age of the patient what do you think of this decision, is it worth putting her through difficult diets wich don't really make her life of higher quality? Does she have a chance?
Thank you

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Is it liver cancer or another kind of cancer that has spread to the liver? Not all cancer in the liver is liver cancer

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how much does it matter if it is liver cancer or another kind of cancer that has spread to the liver? My dad was just diagnosed with liver cancer that started in the colon. Does it make a difference in the success of treating it?

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