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Hi ! I am new here.

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Joined: Nov 2004

A friendly hello to all here. I am a newbie here on this site. I am an ovarian cancer survivor of 8 years and a stage 4. No recurrence to date. Keep the faith my friends! Be well, Jan

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Thanks for the positive post. WOW...stage 4 and 8 years out. You give us all hope. God bless you for sharing GOOD NEWS!

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Welcome Newbie and thanks for sharing the encouragement of stage 4 and no recurrence. That is awesome!


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Thanks for being a rock we can all pin our hopes on. I was dx Stage 1 in January and am experiencing a recurrence already. It's comforting and inspiring to actually hear from someone who's beaten the odds.


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I am new here also. I am post-op six weeks with no treatment required. Thank goodness. How does ovarian cancer recur if you have no ovaries or do you still have one or both? Hugs and prayers, Skyblue

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