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I'm Different

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Hi Everyone,

I'm alittle different then you guys--I have Anal Cancer. Not much action over there, and I have learned alot from you guys, so if you don't mind I'll drop in now and then to see what's new. After all we do have the pain in the same proximity.

After seeing Emily's post and reading the replies I would like to ask Kay what the sugar theory is, as I too am a sugar addict. I'll leave home for candy before I will a cigarette.

Hope it's OK that I'm here.

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Welcome to the semi-colons, Patsy!

Anal, colon, whatever you hae, it's all a pain in the ***. (Pun intended). Just one thing to keep in mind about us; It's medically impossible for us to be anal retentive, and we don't do anything half-***. OK... enough butt jokes.

Glad to have you here!

- SpongeBob

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Don't mind Speedo-Boy I mean Sponger here Patsy he's the butt of many jokes around here!

Welcome! Didn't know the Anals have their own boards? Geez how come you guys rate? huh? We sigmoids have to rub elbows with the rectals and watch out for the large intestines! They are always blowing it out their wazoo!!

We like different people here! Hey...if they haven't kicked me outta here yet then I am sure you'll get the redcarpet treatment.

Just ignore the sign on the door "No @$$#0les allowed"

peace, emily

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ps about the sugar issue:

PET tests that many of have done is an injection of radioactive SUGAR because the sugar activates the cancer cells. The cancer becomes active and that activity shows up onthe scan. So in my tiny "unmedical" mind it would make sense to me that I surely would not want to ACTIVATE the cancer with any sugar....my conclusion...may it be "unscientific" is that I stay away, avoid any sugar while I have active cancer cells in my body (which by the way we all have only some bodys don't zap it and voila cancer cells grow and grow and grow and grow.

So I prefer to starve the cancer rather than feed it sugar.

You called yourself a sugar addict. I would address that soon if you are dealing with cancer.

And believe me, I had an oncologist literally roll his eyes at me when I challenged his practice of feeding chemo patients donuts after their treatments.

So yeah, do your research and beware....but also be careful who is funding the studies....there may be an agenda.

My only agenda is to promote alternative choices to people...not make a buck or push a drug but to encourage people to empower themselves with choices other than pills and chemicals that may or may not work or leave them worse in the long run.

If you read a study that tells you that kids really do not get hyper after ingesting sugar and you find out the study was funded by C&H then well....you get the picture.

peace, emily who is a reformed sugar addict

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Don't listen to her, Patsy - she DOES have an agenda -

She wants the entire world to live on organic carrot juice and blueberry smoothies and wear Birkenstock sandals!

Truth be told we all love Emily. If anyone here is "different" it's her, but she's a breath of organically cleansed air.

- SB

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Next to Chemo, sugar is probably the most toxic substance you can injest; I recommend an old book called "Sugar Blues" - it's message is still current, and you will never look at sugar in the same way after you read it. Bud

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Patsy.. I second all that spongebob said, and welcome you!

Just to let you know... there isn't medical evidence that sugar will harm you. Read up and research, but take it with a grain of salt.

Hope you are doing well. Don't be hesitant to join the group!

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Hey, Welcome Patsy!!! I guess I might be classified as the 2nd generation "butt of jokes" on here-errr after Sponger(Bob), although I don't particularly savour being behind him--lol!
Nice to see you with us Patsy although better circumstances could have been nicer. In any case I hope you find some comfort here as you certainly will support. Do let us know about your cancer and don't be bashfull about it. We have talked about all sorts of things here and "modesty" just is not in our vocab.
All the best from OZ.
ps--I am sometimes referred to as "kangathong" 'cos of my g-string wearing talents.
lotsa love n huggs Patsy, kanga n Jen

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Posts: 2598
Joined: Apr 2003

A-hemmm.. excuse me, KANGATHONG...

Who doesn't savor being behind whom? Especially when YOU'RE the one wearing the G-String!

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Would just re-emphasise what jana noted about the sugar info- there is a huge amount of info out there of variable quality so be cautious and try to find a reputable source if taking advise. Teh sugar factor has no real scientific proof and while I'm all for taking control of your life and this illness by what ever way possible including diet this has to be weighed up against any enjoyment you have to sacrifice in doing so eg teh odd chocolate bar.

When cancer happens and the quantity of your life is threatened you realise how important the quality of it is so don't give up those things that you really enjoy unless you are really convinced teh benifits out weigh what you are giving up.

Enough from me- welcome again and I'm sure you have valuable experience and knowledge you can contribute to this site.

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Hi and a warm welcome to this group. My tumour was very low rectal -- and I have checked out some anal cancer sites myself so please consider yourself more than welcome.
As you can see, this is a warm group -- but also one which is full of useful, practical information. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or share experiences.

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Hi Patsy,

Welcome to the board. I am not very active, read much more than I post. It is very rare I get a response to anything, I still come here, because I find useful information. It also helps me to see how nice people are.
I wish you well.

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Welcome, Patsy,

We are so glad you joined our group.

As you can see, there are many different viewpoints on whether sugar feeds cancer. The sugar theory is starve the cancer by eliminating sugar from one's diet. I think it is a control issue with me. By giving up sugar, in my mind, I think I have a little control over my disease.

Again, a big welcome to you.


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And no you aren't different. If you get anything out of our posts, you are one of us!!!!

Welcome Patsy!!!!!

We are a rather lively group and from what I hear from others that use the CSN, our discussion board is one of the best due to some of the folks that have been around for a long time (survivors) and are so supportive and caring. Not to mention, humorous, which we all need sometimes (I need it more then most).

As far as the sugar stuff goes. It is all based on foods that convert to blood glucose (diabetics can tell you about that stuff) the quickest feed the cancer cells (they have to live off of something, so they can grow so durn fast like they do). There is research, but not near the amount that is done on pharmeceutical drugs. After all, how would the big drug companies make money if they couldn't sell their "stuff". It also is based on toxin levels of the foods we eat and bleached products (white sugar, white flour, white rice are all bleached and the thought is the bleach can build up over time, hence the more natural healthy eating approaches very common now. If you really want to learn more, try the book "Beating Cancer with Nutrition" by Patrick Quillan. He is the Nutritional Director of The Cancer Centers of American and explains it very well.

Anyway, again welcome and join in anytime!!!! The stuff on the thongs and speedos came this summer when one of our own was installing a pool. We kind of went off on some tangents!!!! It was all very American though...red, white and blue thongs and speedos!!!!

Lisa P.

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hi patsy,
welcome to our family!!!!!!!!
we have alot of great members (survivors and caregivers} all fighting this beast.
stay the course
stay positive
keep the faith
all the best

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