Thanks for your help - Mom is getting out tomorrow

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Thanks Monika & Stefanie for replying to my plea for help. Mom is doing much better - only went 2x today. Looks like she'll be out this weekend. They're taking her off the antibiotics - which probably didn't help her diarrhea situation at all. She's feeling better than she has in months (except she's not digging running to the bathroom so much). I'm going to have her stay with me in Manhattan for a week until her next oncologist appointment - she's happy to have a change of scenery.

Thanks for the encouragement - we've taken to calling her a "tough ****" which is funny, as she has the sweetest personality of anyone I know.

Thanks again,



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    Sounds like great news- amazing how so foten these kinds of problems are generally self limiting and get better in time though we never get the satisfaction of finding out what truly caused it. When you start to get better though you start to care less about find ing the cause!

    Glad you found the advise from teh others useful and hope to hear more of your progress as time goes by- we are all here to learn from and support each other.