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liver cancer info

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hi, i need information on how liver cancer affects the life style of the patient and their family

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How old is the patient? Has he/she had surgery?

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Are the tumors localized to only the liver? How large are the tumors? Are the tumors large enough to put the individual into a carcinoid crisis? Do they come from a strong minded family? Are they a strong minded person? How well does this family unit function under times of duress? Being told one has cancer is essentially the worst news an individual or family may ever hear, how their lifestyle is affected will vary. The attitude, strength and determination of the individual with cancer will reflect upon the family as a whole. Cancer is not a road to be tread upon by those with no spirit to fight.

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What a wonderful quote u posted and I am trying to so hard to adopt that attitude with my father who has recently be diagnosed with primary liver cancer.
Thank u for the saying

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