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Help!!! Anyone in area of Zion, Illinios??

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Hello Everyone!!! We are hunting away!!!! I am looking for anyone here that knows of the Cancer Center of Amer. in Zion,Illinios!!!! I spoke with them on the phone today andthey sound like the real deal. If anyone knows of them or has been treated there can you let me know how they are and if it is worth taking the trip there!!!

I am getting excited aobut this place but I don't want to tell Bob yet until I know more about it. They are finding out if our insurance covers there program. Please if anone know anything about them please post ASAP.

I'm sorry if I sound in a rush but we have no time to lose!!!

Thank You everyone!!!

Best Wishes and Prayers coming to ALL!!!!!

Hang in there Judy!!!!! Read your post!!!!!

Bob is hanging in there!!!

Love to all!!


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Hey Sue!

I believe that Patrick Quillin is affiliated with them in some way...he's the guy whose book I think should be in EVERY cancer survivors library!

I did know of one woman who checked them out but for some reason she never went for the treatments and I cannot ask her as she is no longer alive.

i wish I could be of more concrete help. I actually used to live near there and went to an osteopath in Zion.

peace, emily who will praying....

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Hi Sue...
I live in Indiana (Northwest right off Lake Michigan). I went to the University of Chicago for my surgery. I had one of the top 3 surgeons in the world perform my 10 hr surgery. Dr. Fabrizio Michelassi. He has since left to practive in New York (not sure of the University there).

I have heard great things about the Cancer Centers of America, but no personal knowledge.

Best wishes,


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