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Dad needs positive support

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My dad is 55 and just diagnosed with esophageal cancer. It has spread to some of the lymph nodes. I am looking for a survivor who can give him hope. I really believe that a positive outlook and a strong will to survive helps! He is starting chemo on Tuesday. They have said no to surgery and opted against radiation at this time. I would appreciate any suggestions for treatment and any good stories! Thanks!

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I have just completed my post surgical chemo. Prior to surgery I had 6 weeks of chemo and radiation. The treatment was brutal but was very effective. The chemo and radiation almost completely eliminated the cancer in my esoph. and in my stomach. The lymph node that was cancerous was clean after surgery. I was in a clinical study at Northwesten Hospital in Chicago. Preliminary results show that getting the chemo and radiation first, followed by surgery and the followed again by chemo have been promising. My doctor's are: Dr. Mary Mulcahy, Hematology/Oncology: Dr. Jeff Wayne, Surgical Oncologist; anf Dr. Robert Small, Radiation. www.nmff.org
My results have been great. The pathologies after surgery were almost totally clean. My post surgery scan was clean. I have gained back 15 pounds since surgery on August 23rd.
Make sure to keep up with the pain during treatment. Tell your dad not to try and tough it out. Now is not the time to say that you can handle the pain. Let the Doctors take care of the pain.
I wish your dad good luck. I'm only 45 and the treatment was tough to take, but it was worth the pain. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your father. You can make it. Some one has to make up the good results in the statistics, it might as well be your dad.

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I hope these people have helped your dad. I have been clean a year and I really thank all the doc's and their great touch..He Can write me at Taximan@comcast.net..

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Hello Brennan, my dad too has just learned he has esophageal cancer. My dads cancer is at a Stage 4. He has just started chemothearopy and today is his fourth day. Tell your dad that he will have a prayer said for him down in Mission,Texas. Tell him to keep up the positive attitude and just take the bull by its horns. I wish you and your family that best and I'll pray that your dad will pull out of this. God Bless!

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We just learned last week 8/1 that my father in law has stage 4 esophageal cancer. He started chemo on 8/4 and will continue chemo once a week for the next 4 weeks. At first he seemed to be OK. Now 6 days later after the first treatment he has no appetite, nasua and hot flashes. Does your dad have similar side affects? Ive been looking for positive info for my family. I keep telling them that the side affects are to be expected. That we need to pray and keep the faith! Do you know if there are any survivors of stage 4? I cant seem to find anything.
Thanks Kim

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I learned on 6/1/05 that my dad has Stage IV esophageal cancer. He is only 58 years old, and we were/are very devestated. He has been taking chemo since the end of June. He takes Docetaxel and Capecitabine and Avastin on 3 week cycles. He will have four rounds of chemo. We will learn September 16th, after a PET scan if the chemo has worked. This has been such a scary time for our family, and it is difficult to find a "survivor story" for this type of cancer. I can tell you that the chemo that my dad is getting was part of a clinical trial, and one of the recipients is now cancer free. My dad also has side effects from his chemo--loss of appetite, sores in the mouth, and on the feet and hands. One thing that was helpful for my dad was getting a stent placed in his esophagus, so that he would not have to use a feeding tube. All we can do is pray. I will pray for your father in law, as well.

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brennan tell your father that there is always the next day and with each day comes new treatments and advances I was 56 when i found out had wife and three childern at home i had never really been sick in my life and i tought i had just been handed a death sentence I did chemo and rad treatments at the same time and than underwent surgery it was hard there is no sugarcoating it but the end result is i'm 7 mo. post surgery and had a cat scan last week and there is no cancer in my body they removed my esopheous and a small part of my stomach also took some lymphnodes as my surgeon put it all the nasty mess they could find. well seven mo. into it i've regained weight [lost 175 before surgery]and im planning to take my family on a special trip in april.Never give up fight the cancer as much as you can try to keep busy to keep your mind off dwelling on the cancer.and keep an eye on end of the tunnel I wish you only sucess in your treatments and i will say a prayer for you tomorrow god bless remember the longest journey starts with the first step contact me anytime

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Hi, Brennan~
Just a note to tell your Dad not to pay too much attention to statistics. I am a 12 yr. survivor of esophageal cancer. I was over 60 when it was diagnosed. Had rads, chemo and surgery. It can be beaten! Cheers! and Good Luck!

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Hi!,I had EC and chose chemo,radiation and surgery.After surgery pathology reports showed positive for C in lymph nodes.Surgery was in march of 05 and so far so good.All praises to God!I have had several CT's and other tests and so far it is July 1st 06 and I just had a birthday on the 29th and turned 34.I am looking forward to hopefully and faithfully to have many more.You are absolutely right about positive attitude and winning spirit to help overcome Cancer,But trust in our creator and ultimate physician Jesus Christ is even more vital,hope all is well for your family,I will be praying for you!!!!!!!!!

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I have stage 3 esophageal cancer,I just started chemo an radation today doctors say 6 weeks of this the they want to remove esophagus an bring up my stomach to attach.My qustion is there are  two methods that they use. One method do used two incisions, other method uses three incisions extra one is through The rib cage.  The two incision one seems faster for recovery. What method would anyone out there  recommended that o use. thanks John B.  

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John B.

Welcome to the H&N forum, very sorry that you find yourself here.

This thread is over 10 years old and may not get much attention.  Additionally, it was posted at a time when esophageal cancer was discussed more frequently in this forum.  Now, there is a forum specifically for esophageal cancer which may generate more attention and better answers.

To get better coverage you should start a new thread and introduce yourself, in whatever forum you choose.


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