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Stopping Tamoxifin and getting pregnant

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Hi - I posted this question on the BC message board also. I just turned 39, I was dx w/ bc at 35. I found out 1 week before I got married. I had a lumpectomy, chemo, radiation. It has been 3 years and I am doing very well. Have been on taxmoxifin for 3 years and have 2 more years left. The problem is I would like to have at least 1 child so that means I would need to go off the tamoxifin try to get pregnant and then go back on tamoxifin for the remaining 2 years. Has anyone done this? In two years I will be 41, I dont want to wait that long to try and have a child. Looking forward to hearing from someone with a similar situation. Thank you.

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Hi Barbara!

I have recently decided to consider pregnancy too.
I couldnt find any info on this site or any forums for theese kind of issues, so I contacted Pan Can a pancreaic cancer foundation and the refered me to a site called www.fertilehope.com. I sent them a request for info about a month ago and havent heard back as of yet??? But, the site looks like it would have ansers to some of your questions.
I hope this helps,


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Hi Barbara. I was diagnosed at 26 and I'm 27 now. I do have one little boy, and would love to have another. I've done a lot of research on this subject, and most of the information out there says that you need to stay on tamoxifen for at least 2 years before stopping to have a child. Then, you can go back on tamoxifen or the new drug arimidex for the remainder of the 5 year treatment. This is what my doctor had recommended to me, and so far it seems to be the consensus.

Good luck to you - I wish you the best!

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