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Newly diagnosed

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I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer and am awaiting a second opinion. The first opinion did not leave me feeling very positive. He did not want to do surgery and only wanted to treat with radiation 5x/wk and chemo 1x/wk. Said my tumor was too large to remove. The tumor is located in my lower cervix and is 5-6cm. My chest xray and CT were clear, so the cancer is local. My concern is that if I don't have surgery the cancer will not be completely removed or will come back somewhere else. We don't have health insurance and kinda get the feeling that is why they won't do surgery as well as the other treatment. I wasn't told what stage I am, but from what I have researched I think I am Stage 1B.
Would appreciate hearing from any others out there that have gone through or going through a similar situation. I feel very powerless right now and anxious for the second opinion.

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I had cervical cancer and went in to have a hysterectomy i think that is how you spell it lol well anyway the cancer had spread to my lymphnodes so they removed the nodes that were canerous and left the tumor and then i had radiatoin 5x a week and chemo 1x for 7 weeks and i am fine.At least yours has not spread that is good i know you will be fine be strong and God Bless. The treatment will go by pretty fast but you will be sick but everything will be ok don't worry if i can help you in any way please feel free to mail me Tug

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I don't understand why they wouldn't do surgery to remove it either -- they can remove just the cervix or even do a whole hysterectomy. Plus chemo and radiation treatments, to be sure it's gone.

Mine is 3cm as of a week ago. I have a tracehelectomy (cervix removal) scheduled for Dec 6th, but I think that might not be enough.

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