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Essiac Tea

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Hello everyone

I am sure some of you heard about this tea that was given to cancer patients in Canada many many years ago. Some claim it can heal cancer .
I say- why not give it a try?
what i wanted to know is , have any of you tried it? Where did you buy it? there is hundereds of websites but who can tell me which one is a "good one" ?

P.S. Did everyone VOTE????

Hope you are doing well!!!


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Edina -

Funny you should ask...

I posted just a couple of days ago to bsrules about Essiac tea. I passed along the telephone number of the "real" essiac tea distributor. I don't have the number with me here at work, but if you still need it after looking back through old posts, let me know and I'll provide it. Maybe Sue (bsrules) will have it handy - Sue?

- SpongeBob

I have a very dear friend with metastatic melanoma who swears by it.

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Hi Edina,

I have heard of Essiac tea, but have never tried it. I continue to drink several glasses of Asian green tea daily.


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I have not hear of Essiac Tea, but would give it a try. Hi Kay, I also drink green tea daily.


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Hi Edina,

I was drinking essiac tea and know the whole story behind it. Pretty amazing stuff with no drugs!!!! My supplier got unreliable and Sponger if you can find your source, I too would like to know.

I think Emily also drank it. Right Em? Do you remember your source? I do know that you can get the dried version or the liquid already made stuff but it is very sensitive to light so it needs to be in a protected bottle. Seems like you simmer it for a while and then let it sit for 12 hours or so before you should drink it.

It's an old Canadian Indian recipe of 4 herbs, not an Eastern one. You drink it in the AM and PM, just 2 oz. at a time. It is supposed to help the liver and your blood. It has been very successful in AIDs patients for raising T cell counts. I hope Emily and some others respond next!!!! I have forgotten all the other good stuff it does.

Lisa P.

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Hi semi-colons!

Here's the deal on Essiac Tea:



Now I got mine from my Traditional Chinese Medicine practioner and I got the powder that you make into the tea.

I took it. It tastes...well...not wonderful. But I am sure most of you have had worse.

I have done so much that at this point I have no idea what has kept me cancer free for the past three years having done NO chemo.

But I say it's worth a try.

I cannot vouch for the number I am giving. I copied it out of my Alternative Medicine magazine (that you all should get ...ahem).

So if someone orders from there can you please give me feedback since I happen to give it oput alot without knowing if it's ok,

hope this helps! :-)

peace, emily who voted but not for either of the two biggies and not Nader nor Cobb .....keep guessing.....

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