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Whipple surgery

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Joined: Nov 2004

I had the "whipple surgery" before I started my treatments for pancreatic cancer. I have tried several kinds of enzymes and they make me sick. Does anyone know if I can get better if I don't find an enzyme I can take. I eat and the food goes right thru me and I can't gain any weight.

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I had the Whipple 3 and 1/2 years ago!!! I still get sick and am nauseated most of the time, i never gained back my lost weight. I do take pancreas enzymes and a med. to pump my stomch out as it doesn't pump the food out. Other than that I feel great. please email me if you like as there sure aren't alot of us out here. MIssyd00@aol.com HUGS Shari*

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I had the Whipple on 8-11-04 I am still not hungry and I feel like a large cement block is in my mid section. I have lost 53 lbs and really look like I am from some foriegn country. I am also very deepressed and should be jumping for joy. Do you have any of these feelings? I have NO CANCER and I am only on Pancrease fro the enzymes

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