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wbc's too low

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Hello, I have Hodgkins stage III and have had one dose of ABVD. I was given Nulasta injection x1 and last week my wbc's were too low for chemo. It was 2.1 I have not had any further injections and I am scheduled to go back tomorrow for chemo. I am a nervous wreck concerned that my wbc's won't be back up. They said that my chemo dose may have been too high and my oncologist would adjust it. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Thanks!

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Yes, they postponed my second or third dose. I quess they adjusted things, and got injections going. I never missed, or delayed after that.

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I had my second and fifth chemos delayed due to low wbc's (and my doc almost delayed my 8th treatment, but because it was my last one, he decided to go ahead with the chemo)..
what I learned was not to get to wound up about whether or not my wbc were to low, or whether or not I had the chemo that day.. and just handle it as it came up... although I was really eager to get through each chemo, so I could be "done".. I came to realize but it's a whole process, and sometimes there is temporary delay.. the doc's have your health in mind
take care of yourself, and be as healthy as you can be throughout this process.

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It happened to me. The shots really help but I was delayed a few times. It takes them a while to figure out how you will react. Take care, Pic

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Ah yes.. I have to take Neupogen shots every other week for 5 days to keep the white cells up. Lately my Hemoglobin count has been low. They reduced the amount of Chemo that week, and I had to go back the next day for a blood transfusion to get the counts back up. Not what I wanted but.. I felt alot better afterwards. Take Care!

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oh yes! it has i had to put 2 treatments on hold b/c of low wbc but with the "newblasta" is what i call it (lol) i was right on schedule after that . a wonder drug. you'll be okay hang in there. i'm 21 2x survivor of hodgkins stage 4b i also had a stem cell transplant!!! good luck


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