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Large cell, Stage 4, Mets include bone and adrenal. New diagnosis.

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Hi. My Mom has just received the subject diagnosis. We are still doing the final diagnostic testing and have met with an oncologist once. Can anyone give advice pro or con regarding carboplatin/taxol and-or iressa? Also, does anyone have diet/nutrition advice?

Has anyone heard of something experimental called (I think) Alimta?

Thank you very much.


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Hi Cathy,

chekout this site and scroll down to Nutrition - Food that fight cancer by American Institute for Cancer Research

And for experimental drug - Alimta, see this link for various information about it.

Also, let me know what you think about this drug - Alimta!

I pray your doctor is able to prescribe the best solution for your situation.


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Hello Cathy,

I just read your posting.. it sounds like your mom and my mom have the same thing: Stage IV w/ mets to the bone, but my mom's is non small cell.. how is your mom doing? Did she take the Carboplatin/Taxol treatment?

My mom is just starting today and we are all hoping for the best. Depending on how things go, you may also want to check out RFA treatment for the lung tumors... There's also a doctor in Germany who combines treatment w/ enzymes so that the treatment will attack the cancer and the enzymes and leave the normal cells alone. Let me know if you want his information.

Thanks and I hope everything is going well with your mom.

All the best,
BTW, we have her on a strict diet consisting of organic veggies/fruits, purified water and tons of supplements.

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First of all I wish you the best and my heart pours out to you. Both chemo treatments are about the same just depends on doctor. At least that is what my Mom's doctor told us. My Mom took Iressa as well. The doctor will tell you that Iressa only works in 10% of the people, which seems to be true. The doctor advise to us was to let Mom eat what ever she wanted but try and keep to high calorie foods to keep her weight up. We tried Ensure mixed with a Frosty, she seem to like that a lot. People will give you all kinds of advice and direction but one thing you can count on is your doctor. Just tell the doctor to be straight and lay it on the line everytime you see he/she. Sometimes they like to skate around things.

Try everything you can but be careful because somethings are more harmful than helpful.

I understand what you are going through. My Mom was diagnosis with Lung cancer stage 4 on 11-03, she was 68. On 11/21/04 my Mom passed. I moved to SC to be with her from IL so I had the opportunity to spend the last year of her life with her every day. As you go through the days please feel free to e-mail me if you want to talk or just have questions. I will try my best to help you out. Through each phase, I always thought my Mom was invensable and she would always be with us. Never give up hope, NEVER.....


Sincerely, Tammie

Remember to make as many memories as you can in the coming days. Picture are the greatest thing. If you have not ask your Mom to show you pictures of what she looked like when she was a baby all the way up to now and find out what she liked then and now and ask her about memories as a child/teen etc...take all those stories she tells you and write them in your journal. You will cherish your journal/pictures the rest of your life and with Gods will, you and your Mom can go through them in years to come.

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hi tammie, I am mike, i have small cell lung cancer, i had taxol, carboplatnum, cisplatnum, vp-16 and rads for six weeks to chest , side and back. It sounds like your mom has non-small cell lung because of the irressa. There is alot of imformation on lung cancer, in

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