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Hi, I am new to RCC and will have a total nephrectomy on this Thurs.(nov. 4th,2004) I would like any info on how you have coped with the recovery.I am an RN and know the technical aspects but would like to hear of personal experiences.Thank you and Bless all of you. Gtrip

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Hey Eve,

You'll do fine if they give you the laproscopic procedure. I had the partial, and it was brutal. Took me a month to get on my feet. And I'm a fairly young athletic-type.

My good friend had the lap though, and she was back on her feet in a week. If they've caught the cancer early for you, then next week will likely be the only surgery you'll ever have to worry about.

Make sure you get one of your buddies where you work to look in on you in the post-op and other recovery. Even the best hospitals make mistakes, and it's great to have an advocate there looking out for you.

Keep us posted ...

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Like autumneve said the recovery time will be different for laprascopic versus open nephrectomy. If the procedure is being done laprascopically, ask the surgeon how many has he or she done. Secondly weither it's opened or closed, you should be asking how long you will be under. Is the surgeon doing your procedure an expirienced urological onocological urologist? Also, you should consider the fact that even in stage 1 RCC sometimes a metasisis could occur many years down the road elsewhere. You should consider the phase III oncophage vaccine which is made from your own tumor. So far the company has had great success in sparking a DNA immune type responce.

The vaccine is made by antigenics. And I know a few people who have recieved it. Also, post surgically, you will need to be steadfast in follow up and see an onocologist. I will enclose the URL and information about the vaccine after this paragraph.

Antigenics' Oncophage is a revolutionary personalized vaccine designed to treat cancer with minimal side effects. ... proprietary heat shock protein technology, the Oncophage vaccine is designed to capture the particular ... one injection of the personalized Oncophage vaccine once a week for four ...


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Thank you Phillip for the info and the advice.Everything helps.I am already established with my oncologist and will mention the vaccine to her in the hospital when I see her.Thank you again, Jeanie

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How are you doing since your nephrectomy? I just had one last month and am still exhausted and sore. My incision was 27 stapes and about 12" long diagonally across my abdomen. They ahd trouble getting the adrenal gland out. Now I am faced with post op treatment. Tumor had invaded the fatty tissue outlining the lidney. this is considered stage 3Ta. How has your pain level been lately?

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